Simple Mehndi Design For Beginners

18 Super Simple Mehndi Design For Beginners in 2020

Today I am going to show you not only some simple mehndi designs for beginners, but also some secret tips to make your design more vibrant. I must tell you this article is all about realistic designs handpicked for beginners. So, friends fake promises are off the table!


Mehndi (Heena), as we call in India is one of the oldest forms of popular body art in the world. It holds an emotional and traditional value in Indian culture. Who can deny it has a special place in our hearts too? May it be a marriage or any important function the first question arises from where we will buy Mehendi and who will put it on or hands?

Well, I am going to solve your biggest problem by showing you some simple mehndi designs for beginners!.

These simple & effortless mehndi designs use a rather artistic approach to the usual henna arts with a stylish twist. So you can astound everyone, taking them by surprise with your beautiful ‘Mehndi-ed’ hands and/or feet. So without grinding anymore Mehendi leaves let’s jump to the most simple Mehendi designs for beginners.

Simple Mehndi Design For Beginners (2020)

1. Super Easy Center Mandals for beginners

Super easy Center Mandals for beginners

These may look difficult but actually, these are very easy to draw. Just draw a circle in the centre of the palm and start creating a series of design outer circles until you reach the desired size.

You can draw a simple sequence of half flower designs on Fingers and wrist. This compliments Mandals and gives it a satisfying look.

2. Simple Below nails mehndi design

Simple Below nails mehndi design
mehndi design for fingers

If you don’t want mehndi on the back of your hand you can opt for the design below fingernails. This design is straightforward and less time consuming to draw also very attractive and modern.

3. Thick Arabic mehndi designs for beginners

easy mehndi designs for front hands

Big flowers and thick designs have their own charm! This design covers hand widely in no time. You can also treat this design as a last-minute design. This design is best for beginners as it is easy to draw due to less complex design.

4. Fishnet with Mandal

Fishnet with Mandal

This design just contains criss-cross lines and on every intersection, you have to draw a square. Ths design somewhat looks like a fishing net.

A whole lot of area is covered in this design. You can add a simple Mandal on the hand palm to steal the show.

5. Simple Body jewellery design for newbies

Simple Mehndi Design for Beginners

These designs are very simplistic. The key is to make it look like a piece of body jewellery. As shown in the picture the ideas of a bracelet connected to the ring is clear.

Bold borders are used to glorify the design. Also, you can see the dots are also used prominently.

6. The copy-paste designs

The copy-paste mehandi designs

This mehndi design is just made for beginners as you don’t have to think much. Just choose your favourite set of design and draw it one over another till the end. You dot have to think much for the design, just copy and draw!

7. Beads chain design

Beads chain design

This design looks like a chain of beads. Make dots and joint them with a line to form a chain-like-look. You can use this design on the palm as well as on the back of the hand. Try experimenting it by drawing on feet.

8. Big Flowers wines

Big Flowers wines

It’s extremely easy to draw big flowers on hand. The key is to put a centre dot and start your design from the inner side of the flower. Draw a few flowers and connect them with curved lines and some small leaves to look like wine tree.

9. Combination Design

Combine the big flower wine, beads and chain designs with thick Arabic design. Without a doubt, you will get a professional mehndi design that too by a beginner in no time.

10. Parallel patterned mehndi design for beginners

Parallel patterned mehndi design for beginners

This design is no doubt is truly simple mehndi design for beginners. As shown in the picture a line or dots, a line of wine and a line of half flowers will fill up your hand in no time. Yet this design is elegant and can be drawn for an office function.

Here are Some Bonus Mehndi Design for Beginners

11. Simple mehndi design for teens

mehndi design for teens
Cute and simple mehndi designs for teenager’s legs
teen mehndi design for beginners
Casual mehndi design for wrist or ankle
mehndi design for teens 2
Simple gothic mehndi design for beginners
teeangers mehndi design for beginners
Fantasy-themed mehndi design for teens
teen mehndi design for beginners 2
Simple party-wear mehndi design for young girls
teenager leg mehndi design for beginners
Simple ribbon mehndi design for little girls
Fish mehndi design for beginners
Modern Arabic mehndi design for with fish

12. Simple ear-bud technique mehndi design for beginners

ear bud simple mehndi design
Mehndi flowers by earbuds

13. Simple mehndi Mandal-Flower design for beginners

Mandal mehndi design for beginners
Step by step guide for simple mehndi Mandal-Flower design

14. The Golden Wine mehndi design

The golden wine simple mehndi design
Delicate yet simple wine design on the back of the hand

15. Simple kids mehndi designs for beginners

Simple-Mehndi-Designs-for-Kids- 1
Smiley mehndi design
Flower mandal designs
Simple flower mehndi design for kids
Owl on tree mehndi designs for kids
Strawberry mehndi design
Bee mehndi design for kids

16. Simple mehndi design for marriage function

Simple mehndi design for marrige function- 2
Simple mehndi design for marrige function

17. Modern-Bride mehndi design for beginners

modern bride mehndi design for beginners
Simple repetitive pattern create an intricate-looking design

18. Ring mehndi design for beginners

ring mehndi design for beginners -1
ring mehndi design for beginners -2
ring mehndi design for beginners -4
ring mehndi design for beginners -5

How to Make Mehndi at Home?

Let’s find out if you can make your own mehndi?

Now that you have seen these designs you must be excited to try on. Hence, I must equip you with some mehndi making basics.

Mehndi is made from mehndi (Heena) plant leaves. These leaves are made into a paste and mixed with some eucalyptus oil and water (sometimes tea water is used).

Another method to make mehndi is to dry these leaves in the sun and make a powder. Before application, you have to make a paste using water and some lemon juice with few drops of eucalyptus oil. Keep this paste for overnight or 9 hrs and then use it.

If you are willing to make your mehndi you need to find good mehndi leaves or you can go for dry mehndi powder available in the market.

To make cones use Cellophane or Flora phane or Mylar sheet. Cone making and handling are easier with thicker sheets. Use sellotape to stick the cone together.

Secret Tips To Get A Dark Mehndi Colour

  • Fill the cone up to a half or two-thirds of the length with prepared henna.
  • Give a twist to the cone, just above the henna paste and use a tiny rubber band to seal the cone.
  • Cut off the tip a little initially. Check and adjust, as per your choice.
  • In order to maintain the consistency of the pressure, keep scooting the rubber band down the cone length.
  • Leaving mehndi mixture to rest overnight can help in better colour, as mehndi needs a few hours to release the dye.
  • Mix lemon juice with sugar in a proportion of 1:3. Dab this lemon juice mixture on the applied mehndi using a cotton ball. This method ensures that the mehndi doesn’t dry out and stays on the skin for a longer time.
  • Leaving mehndi on the hands for at least 2-3 hours renders darker colour.
  • Once you peel off the mehndi, expose your hands to the smoke of some cloves heated on a pan. This also makes your mehndi colour dark.
  • Do not wash your mehndi with water. Instead, use some coconut oil to clean off the remaining bits of dried mehndi.
  • Take some cloves and dry heat them on the pan. Put your hands right above the pan in such a parallel way such that you get all the heat directly. The cloves will release fumes that help in darkening the mehndi stain.
  • Always do a patch test of the cone that is going to be used to apply mehndi designs. So that you can check the stain as well as the consistency.
  • Avoid any chemical-based henna because even though it will help achieve a stain faster, it will make your skin dry and scratchy.

Why Mehndi designs are so famous?

Mehndi designs are always in vogue as the fashion of having it will never go down. Some people even carry them as temporary tattoos, especially people who are afraid of needles or commitment to one design.

A simple mehndi design can be tailored for every occasion, and you won’t have to worry about the choices because now you can choose any of these from the list.

Make yourself mad with these simple mehndi design for beginners and pick the best that suits you to go in fashion these seasons. Do Let us know your favourite mehndi design in the comment section!

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