Life is a beautiful story – Keep It Simple, Sillies!


Adults know freedom, money and independence – and also how much being an adult can suck at times. What is life, really, but a seemingly endless cycle of mundane errands dedicated to keeping yourself alive and breathing. There are a lot of morning alarms, 8 hour work days, and weekends spent trying to ‘party’, interspersed with the occasional early morning meeting or a class that cannot be proxy’d for, deadline stress and “Screw it, I’ll just order from Food Panda.”

“I really need a vacation”, they sigh every 15 days or so – and they dive right back into life, the catacomb of complexities.

Hey there, lifers! It’s not always about the haloed vacation, needed to escape reality for a while. Then again, it’s not even about escaping. It’s all about simplifying.

The art of breaking something down, bordering on decoding, simplification works magic everywhere – on complex sentences, a brew of feelings, math equations. It’s time to let that enchantment into your days too!


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Definitely not as hard as it sounds! Put aside five minutes of your time, and sort from most important to can be done later. Getting that project done on time takes precedence over thinking about what you’re going to wear to next week’s party.

Take a look at your work space.

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Is it cluttered? No? Well, don’t you have your life together!

If yes, then it’s time to put to use the cleaning skills that your mother has always tried to instill in you. Mess free, stress free! Usually!


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What, really?

Oh, yes. In small doses, procrastination is healthier than you think. It helps you organize your thoughts better. It gives you time and space in the present moment by storing away the small stuff in the box that your brain loves to unlock right before you fall asleep!

Go on a date – with yourself.

Simple things in life


Take a night off and treat yourself to some deliciously sinful food. Take a hot shower, pull on those old and comfy pajamas and shamelessly binge-watch your favourite rom-coms and TV shows. You deserve it, you hard-working creature!

Take that vacation.Simple things in life 2


Yes, please! That long weekend coming up? Book your train tickets and off you go. Paradise is closer than you imagine. Dish out a map (or just use Google) and make plans!

Carpe diem!

Follow up on that hobby.Simple things in life 4


Everybody needs something to take their mind off the day they’ve just had. A hobby can be just that. Hiking, painting, origami, cooking – take a moment to remember the joy it gives you, and embrace it.

Take a walk.Simple things in life 3


Whether it is a 10-minute stroll in the nearby park, the walk from college or office to home, or just taking the stairs – walking is beautiful in its way of changing your train of thought with every step you take. It is relaxing, and also the easiest way there is, of exercising your body. It will thank you prettily!


As the classic movie Bawarchi has told us,

It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple.

Well, learn the art of simplicity, and happiness shall follow!


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Poet, writer, animal lover – the way I’ve been made! I’m a big believer in the goodness of people, and I save a little bit of it for myself. Either cooking, reading, or binge-watching TV shows when I’m not procrastinating. A deep love of travelling and languages runs in my blood, and saving this big ol’ blue planet tops my bucket list. Basically an independent introvert, loving the company of the extroverts surrounding me!


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