It’s that time of the year when you find students huddled up in every corner with a book in their hand. Be it the library or even the ‘campus kata’ you are greeted with the same sight – nervous and stressed out souls trying to beat this competitive world! Yes it’s the exam fear that has gripped students everywhere!

But why is the exam season a stressful affair for one and all?

More than the fear of not knowing an answer in the exam, it’s the fear of not standing up to the expectations that leaves every student more anxious and nervous. Sometimes even drive them to a point of no return. Statistics rank India highest among student suicides due to failure in examinations. It’s really saddening for a country with strong family values not able to be the support system of their young kids and let them perish away just because they failed an exam.

We forget that our weight of expectations only undermines their capacity to perform. They are so caught up in this race of trying to ace the exam with the best score that they forget the very point of taking the exam.

Exams are a way of assessing what a student has learned during the academic year. These allow the teachers to evaluate the learning and grasping abilities of the student. And for a student it’s not only a way to re-learn everything they learned but more importantly stimulate the mind and learn more important life lessons like – time-management, patience, improving one’s writing skills, presenting one’s opinion and views and even learning to take failure in the right spirit.


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So this exam season let’s pledge to make a difference!

Instead of being the pressure cooker that blows up and destroy the young minds, let’s be the anchor that holds them together and help them achieve their dreams.

It’s our duty as parents, as mentors to build a positive attitude and drive away the fear of taking an exam.

How do you do that?

Most importantly talk to them, understand what’s troubling them. If you are able to get them to share their inhibitions, it’s half the battle won! Help them create schedules to tackle their lessons and help them set their priorities right, find ways to help them understand difficult concepts  and make sure they find time to unwind and relax while they prepare for their exam. And above all instill in them the confidence that they can overcome any hurdle and no matter what you always have their back!

It’s a good thing to make them realize the importance of examinations, but remember to never go overboard with your expectations. After all not every kid is an Einstein and not every kid is born to top the class.

Make an effort to understand your child’s interests and capabilities. They might have a higher calling than just getting some numbers in an examination.

Stylewhack wishes every student “All the best” for this exam season. If you do well – Hurray! But if you do not, never mind – it’s not the end of the world! Remember there’s always a new tomorrow..a new beginning.. a new opportunity!

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