#SocialSpotlight – A Quarter, Several Stories and a Quick Recap!


3 months before on 15-Oct-2015, we started off with this one of a kind project on Stylewhack called ‘Social Spotlight’ that would touch upon stories which will matter to every cognizant citizen of the country.

The vision was that of our ever helpful Executive Editor Pradnya Vernekar, backed up by the strong feeling of giving back to the society of our Founder Shweta Chitrode. The idea was welcomed by the entire Stylewhack team and we started our journey with tiny steps and still struggling our way to unearth stories that make a difference, bring cognizance, spread hope or sometimes just inform our readers.

We received immense encouragement from our readers and hence we are here today, widening our horizons and bringing stories which you rarely heard. Thank you so much to all of you!


Last three months, we spoke about – Acid Attack Survivors, the added responsibility all of us carry in today’s world of social media, Michelle Kakade whom very few of us know, Menstruation taboos and how are they affecting us, how can we make India a sports friendly country?, how adoption can give someone a new life, the need of the hour – Sustainable Development series, what can we do to prevent child abuse, brought people and organizations which are working day and night for the welfare of the society to spotlight like EducationLinked and it’s founder Sohan Mahajan.

We even did a small #MakeanEffort drive during the New Year where we nudged our readers a little bit to come forward and contribute in whatever form they can to a small group of NGOs we got associated with during this initiative.

In 3 months, we brought about diverse line of stories and with your encouragement and support, hope to continue the same.

We have a small request though – In case you have a story which you think can be featured in our Social Spotlight segment, please come forward and mail us at shweta@stylewhack.com or info@stylewhack.com. If your story is fit enough to be featured in this space, we would be more than happy to bring it to our audience!

We hope to do our bit always by bringing stories that matter!



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