Is your name Sonam Gupta? I feel for you girl. You say you had your reasons. You may not even be the same Sonam Gupta, but the entire country now knows you as a “bewafa”. In the middle if the cash crunch and the forgettable victory of Donald Trump, girl, you have managed to bring a smile on our faces. Thank you for that.

The world is one crazy place and the internet has made it even crazier. You never knows what will click with the public and go viral. One day you are just a regular guy, you upload something or say something on this social media space and suddenly overnight, millions of people might be talking about you.

Who is Sonam Gupta?

A couple of months back a photo of a 10 re note went viral as someone had written a message “Sonam gupta bewafa hai” on it. Probably a scorned lover took out his revenge by making sure that the world is aware of evil ways of Sonam Gupta. The picture did its rounds and died off. Now because of the de-monetization move by the scrapping of 500 and 1000 Rs notes, the message found its way to the internet again on the new 2000 Rupees note. Clearly the lover is not over Sonam Gupta and wants the world to be reminded of the disloyalty.

The internet went crazy with all kinds of memes and tweets about the bewafai of Sonam Gupta. Here are some of the funniest ones :

Sonam Gupta as an international Bewafa

When the ATMs made things clear about their involvement

Sonam Gupta as an international criminal

When the bewafaai reaches space

Will the real Sonam Gupta please stand up?

When Sir Ravindra Jadeja got into the fray.

Even Google knows

Meanwhile in the world of magic:

When Sonam Gupta allegedly replied back.

Even Gandhiji is not left alone,

We are with you girl

The memes posted by All India Bakhchod:


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All I can say is thank you girl. Your bewafai definitely made our day.

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