6 Looks NOBODY But Sonam Kapoor could pull off!


Say what you may, nobody can argue the fact that Sonam Kapoor is the best in Bollywood when it comes to making a style statement. She is someone who could wear rags and still look royal. From dressing up for award ceremonies to winning hearts at Cannes, every look that Sonam puts up indefinitely makes us all go wow!

Choosing the best out of best is not very easy. What we have managed to dig into are some outfits that Sonam Kapoor wore and nobody could wear better.

Look At That Gold Goddess!

Western clothes with a Desi twist? Well, we won’t trust anybody else but Sonam Kapoor herself with this absolutely gorgeous look.

Sonam Kapoor looksImage Source

Slaying it Like a Boss!

Wide leggy pants in an all-red shade? Yes, this style that most stars would run away from, Sonam Kapoor carried it like a boss.

Sonam_Kapoor in red leggy pantsImage Source

Bridal Goals Courtesy – Sonam Kapoor

Nope, she won’t make you want to wish you were married but she sure will inspire you to dress up for one. Hear hear girls!

Sonam Kapoor in Dhoti_Saree_cannesImage Source

Quirky is Her Thing!

Believe us when we say Sonam can make quirky look like a dream. Take a bow while Sonam teaches you how to rock in this quirky black outfit.

sonam-kapoor in black dressImage Source

Sonam in Her Usual Diva Avatar

Flared skirt and a jacket? Well, if you see Sonam carry it off like a Princess, you better re-think your fashion choices for good!

Sonam Kapoor in black jacketImage Source

Prints and Sonam – Match Made in Heaven!

Do you ever think about going all out with animal prints? You might want to take some tips from the Queen of prints aka Sonam Kapoor.

Sonam Kapoor in animal printImage Source

A Peek into Future with Sonam

If you have been thinking how a saree will turn out in the future look no further. Sonam’s electric blue saree is just enough to make us go weak in the knees for sure!

Sonam Kapoor in Black n Blue saree in CannesImage Source


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