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As we are moving along with the time, room sizes seems to have shrunk them self. Especially the living room, where it becomes tricky to achieve the interior look that we anticipate. Few wrong choices can ruin the feel of the room. But with few simple but smart ideas you can achieve effecting and stylish interior.

Try this 9 easy tips to make your living room more spacious –

1. Always Go with Colour Palette

Spacious Living Room
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Choose a colour palette that has a light and neutral colours & a striking colour that compliments and balances with the neutral colour. This set of combination will expand you’re space visually.

2. Use Multiple Functional Furniture

Multi Purpose Furniture
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Buy multifunctional furniture like ottomans which can also be used as coffee table and extra seating. A Foldable breakfast table with storage.

3. Sort Out and Dejunk

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One of the trick to make your living space look spacious is to get rid of unused furniture/ things in it.

If you haven’t use it in years and you wouldn’t buy you should get rid of it.

4. Add Floor to Ceiling Bookshelf to Enhance the Height

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Horizontal layer of book shelf spanning from floor to ceiling with substantial length will visually enhance the internal height of the room. The aspect ratio of the book shelf is a critical point considering the availability of the wall

5. Take Advantage of Natural Light

natural light
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Influence of natural light is very important to make space look airy and spacious. Door and window opening always play a vital role in interior architecture. Make sure none of the object obstruct the natural light. Also given a chance try and increase size of the openings.

6. Go for Minimal or Plain Solid Colour Rug

Solid Color Rug
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A minimal design or solid colour rug always help to the bind furniture together. It forms a proper connection with the furniture modules.

7. Use Long Curtains for Openings

long curtains
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As mentioned early object spanning from floor to ceiling helps us to create sense of height visually.

8. Merge the Furniture

merge furniture
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Out of all the furniture you buy for your living room, try and blend the bulk furniture like sofa with the neutral colour of your walls. This will reduce the heavy look of the furniture.

9. Don’t Automatically Place your Furniture Against the Wall

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By default we tend to place the furniture against the wall, functionally it feels right to save the space in the room. But sometimes placing the furniture item in an angle or in a freestanding way, help the room look more dynamic in terms of its appearance and aesthetic.

Follow the above tips and make space in your living room! Tell us about your hacks to make the rooms look spacious in comments below.

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About the Author –
Vrunda Satarkar Vrunda Satarkar has her own studio in Pune, called Intraa Design Studio. The studio acquires various types of projects which always lead to the different expression of concept. Vrunda makes sure that every space in the house or a commercial block is justified to its purpose, function and aesthetics. Having completed more than 40 interior projects, Vrunda has derived her passion for designing in other fields as well. Other than interiors, she works in painting, exclusive saree designing, fashion styling, interior styling etc.


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