Avoid These Things That Will Spoil Your Perfect Weekends

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Don’t we all look forward to our hard earned weekends? Ah the bliss of spending 2 days without a care in the world, getting up late, stocking up on our energies for the next week. We plan binge watching our favorite shows, catching up with friends over a drink or dinner, just lazing around all day in our pajamas. This dream is the drive which gets most of through the week of slaving our asses off. However not all weekends go perfectly as planned.

Here are some sure shot ways that screw up the dream of a perfect lazy weekend.

1.When somebody dares to wake you up before noon.

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Weekends are for sleeping in people. If you value your life, you better tiptoe around the house.

2. When your boss gives you work over the weekend.

Weekend work
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No. Please don’t. Noooooooo.

When there is a family get together.

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Families are good for whats-app groups people. Why do we even need to meet up any more? Aren’t we connected enough thanks to social media? Family get-togethers are the perfect recipe for a spoiled weekend.

3.When a friend cancels on a plan.

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You have been looking forward to meeting a friend for the whole week now. You kept your precious weekend free just to accommodate that friend. You are looking forward to hanging out and blowing steam. And then at the last moment, the friend cancels.

4.When someone you don’t like drops by unexpectedly.

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People dropping by your place is the worst on a weekend. Firstly you have to clean up a little to save face. And then they are eating up in your precious free time. Get the hint people.

5. When your roommate/ family suggest that this is the perfect time to clean the house.

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Like really?

6.When your friend drags you for a weekend workout at the gym.

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Well weekends are not made for moving those beautiful muscles. Anybody who tries to pull me off my bed for a workout, better watch out.

7. A bad date

Weekend Date
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Weekend is a good time to expand your horizons and meet new people. But a bad date can spoil your entire week ahead.

So try avoiding all these disasters people. And have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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