Sports plays an important role in our lives and somehow we tend to miss out on the importance as we grow older. They say sports make you ready for life. It is indeed true.

Here are a few lessons which every sports person will reckon with –

  1. Team work

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Having played a team game for quite along time, the most essential thing you learn is being a team player. You realize everyone in team can’t be Sachin Tendulkar, and everyone in the team is unique having their own style of playing. You gradually learn to respect your team member’s strengths and cover their weakness.

  1. Sportsman Spirit

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Everyone knows one team has to win and the other has to lose. A person involved in sports will learn about accepting defeat graciously and learning from the losses. Winning doesn’t always mean you’re the champs and losing doesn’t mean you didn’t perform. The most significant thing is to learn to appreciate the winners and never mock the losers.

  1. Handle pressure

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Playing any game/sports/ exercise is a very good way to not only burn calories, but to always remain stress free. To handle pressure in critical situations becomes easy because you have a vent to take off all the frustration when you’re playing. All the excess energy gets channelized in the right direction

  1. Passion

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To follow a passion in our monotonous, mundane life not only helps to boost self esteem, but also in achieving goals in life. However exhausted you maybe throughout the week, the sheer joy of playing in weekends is worth all the drama in the week days.

  1. Fitness Enthusiast

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Thanks to our love for outdoor sports, we are sports freak and continuously on the lookout to shed those extra calories. The most beneficial part of playing sports is you either quit smoking or drinking or you never indulge in those benefits. It inspires you to eat right and stay healthy always.

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I am extremely passionate about sports, and I have been playing hockey for states. I enjoy playing all outdoor sports and watching romantic movies during leisure time. I am a fitness freak with which I was made the Brand Ambassador for TCS Fitness. Finding my new passion in writing, I have recently published my book KLASS – A man is lifeless without a passion in his life!


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