Celebrities are well known to having been victims of pranks and many of them are pranksters themselves. While a lot of these pranks are taken in light humor, some of them aren’t exactly funny enough. Recently, an SRK prank has gone viral where the actor is seen lashing out at a Dubai anchor who apparently staged the whole prank.

SRK prank- Here’s what happened

Shah Rukh Khan is known to be a funny man who not only makes jokes on others but also laughs at jokes made on him as well. So if such an actor had to loose his calm, the issue would have been tricky. While SRK was in Dubai doing promotional activities for his upcoming movie directed by Imtiaz Ali, the prank happened.

SRK prank
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An Arabic TV show called Ramez Underground had invited the actor on their show. As soon as he arrived, SRK along with a female actress, fell into a mud pit. And to top this, they saw a large chameleon approaching them in an attacking motion. The actor obviously got scared and then it was revealed that it was all just a prank.

SRK prank
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It was later also revealed that the chameleon was just a human being in costumes. In this video the actor can be seen getting angry at the actor.


If you wish to watch a detailed version, here is another link. You can skip to the 7th minute to watch the whole prank.


Well, when we see death close, nothing ever is funny right? What do you think about the SRK prank?

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