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Speaking directly to the live audience in a comic way is known as Standup comedy. Many of us may not get the chance to experience a live comedy, but we are blessed to be born in the age of internet where we can just relax in our free time and laugh out loud as we have a range of finest standup comedians with bundle of talent with their stand-up comedy acts available right at our fingertips.

Stop watching babies tasting lemon and bacon videos to get some laugh, we have really good fine talented standup comedians to help you out, we are putting a list of some fine talents here, don’t forget to check their videos.

Finest Standup comedians:

Kenny Sebastian

This 26-year-old Malayali has chosen this path at a very young age. Kenny started making videos on YouTube when he was just 13 and directed a short movie when he was 15. He made his first stage performance when he was 19. He had so far directed 12 short films and two feature films and he loves singing as well.  Kenny’s stand-up comedy acts are a must watch if you are having a bad day.

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian: 10 Biscuits You Have With Tea!

Also check out his YouTube Channel here – Kenny Sebastian

YouTube d

Sumukhi Suresh

This 29-year-old lady plays all types of female characters that others won’t.  Sumukhi is famous for her role as Sumukhi Chawla in the mockumentary web series, Better Life Foundation (BLF). She can also be seen in many of the AIB ( All India Bakchod) videos. Get a dose of her comedy if you are feeling stressed with the daily routine.

The Lost Kid | Go Straight Take Left | LIVE SKETCH COMEDY

It seems she doesn’t have an official account on YouTube, but you can catch her videos through various YouTube channels.

YouTube a

Abish Mathew

This 30-year-old comedian is very much familiar with his work with the All India Bakchod. He is the star of the show the Son of Abish. He hosted the show Abish and Friends Hit the Big Time three years.  Abhish performed internationally from New York to Holland. He was inspired by his father’s entertaining behavior while drinking and mimicked him to make people laugh.

Train vs. Plane – Abish Mathew Stand Up Comedy

Check out his YouTube Channel – Abish Mathew

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Rohan Joshi

This 27-year-old is a comedian and co-founder of the most popular comedy group online All India Bakchod. He is featured in many of the AIB comedy videos. Rohan came into limelight with AIB Roast which has got millions of subscribers on YouTube.  He is a writer, actor, and comedian.

Rohan Joshi performing at Blue Frog Hamateur Night

You can find his videos on the AIB YouTube channel.

YouTube c

Mallika Dua

This 28-year-old bubbly girl is very much famous for her Instagram and Snapchat posts before she became a comedian. Mallika is the daughter of a famous Journalist Vinod Dua. She is an actress, writer, and a comedian.

Malika Dua Problems on traveling in Delhi Search Compare Go

You can find her in The Trip web series and various other AIB videos on YouTube.

YouTube b

Aditi Mittal

This 29-year-old lady is an actress, writer, and a comedian. She is one of the first women to do stand comedy in India.  She has written columns in popular magazines like DNA, Firstpost, Financial Times. Aditi worked for a while in the UK and returned to India later on and became one among the very few female stand-up comedians.

Aditi Mittal On Indian Ghosts | Stand Up Comedy

You can find much other fun stuff by her on her YouTube Channel – Aditi Mittal

YouTube e

Zakir Khan

This 30-year old stand-up comedian is a writer and a presenter. He has won comedy central India’s best comedian competition that has raised his popularity. He has also been a part of the news comedy show called On Air with AIB. Along with giving performances on various comedy shows, he even has done ghostwriting and also produced radio shows. His style of comedy has even got applause in the NDTV’s Rising stars of a comedy show. He even appeared as a mentor in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge along with other mentors Mallika Dua, and Hussain Dalal in which Akshay Kumar was seen as a judge.

Zakir Khan – What happens when you fail in an exam! AIB Diwas

standup comedians

Urooj Ashfaq

Urooj Ashfaq is a writer and an actor known for her acts in Die Trying, Son of Abish, AIB’s Honest Engineering Campus Placements, Queens of comedy. Her acts will definitely need your attention and she is the humorous queen who will bring you some giggles.

Take it with a pinch of salt – Urooj Ashfaq’s act | Queens Of Comedy

You can also catch up many of her other standup comedy acts of Urooj and her finest performances in other web series on the YouTube.

Karthik Kumar

Karthik Kumar is a 31-year-old Indian actor and standup comedian. He worked in a few South Indian films. Karthik is a chemical engineering student. He along with his friend had to quit his job and started an event management company along with his friend Sunil Vishnu. They used to organize English plays. He eventually made his debut in the film industry and made appearances in many noticeable roles. His sense of humor is very much appreciable.

Indian Gifting – Standup Comedy Video by Karthik Kumar

You can catch up many of his such standup comedy acts on YouTube

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Varun Thakur

Varun Thakur is another most popular, talented standup comedians in India. He is a popular writer and actor known for his works in the movies like Jab Tak Hain JaanShaitaan Haveli and Vicky This Side, Varun That Side. Varun is the co-founder of SnG (Schitzengiggles) which is a YouTube channel.  

Indian Moms | Standup Comedy By Varun Thakur

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Niveditha Prakasam 

Niveditha Prakasan is an amazing actor, a writer who has got some amazing writing capabilities and she also got an amazing sense of humor. She was a Chennai based part-time standup comedian and the winner of the first season of Queens of Comedy. She is now a full-time show owner. Niveditha is very much appreciated for her intelligent content in the show. Her acts of humor not only give you some laughs but she even touches some very thoughtful issues that will make you think.

Honesty in Ugliness | Ugliness does EXIST!

Catch up her various other performances and comedy acts on YouTube

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Kanan Gill

Kanan is an Indian standup comedian, actor, and YouTuber. He is very much known for the YouTube series Pretentious Movie reviews where he will be seen reviewing the flawed yesteryear Bollywood movies along with another standup comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath. Gill was the main personalities also one of the reasons behind YouTube’s comedy hunt. He even co-hosted the YouTube India Fan Fest. Gill was a part of a band where he used to sing songs, he then started writing funny songs and that is where his humor has started to come out. Gill even appeared in a movie Noor alongside Sonakshi Sinha.

Kanan Gill – Siblings – Stand Up Comedy

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Daniel Fernandes

Daniel is a Mumbai based standup comedian is a regular performer at comedy clubs including the Canvas Laugh club, Comedy Store, High Spirits, Blue Frog. Mr. Fernandes was born in Mumbai and brought up in Goa. He is an MBA graduate and he later chose to be a standup comedian. Daniel hosted the Forbes India entrepreneurial awards even 30Under30. He did many collaborations with many other popular Indian standup comedians like Abhish Mathew, Kanon Gill, Aditi Mittal.

Strange Way to Celebrate an Indian Festival – Daniel Fernandes Stand-up Comedy

Catch up his other shows and standup acts on YouTube

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Atul Khatri

He is probably one among the very few elderly aged standup comedians in India. He is also among India’s most successful stand-up comedians and YouTube personally. Atul was rated among the top Indian standup comedians by CNN-IBN and he was the only Indian standup comedian to perform at the Hong Kong International Comedy festival that was held in Septemeber 2014. The genres that he does shows include political satire, black comedy, observational comedy, satire sketch comedy.

Atul Khatri on Demonetisation

Check out more of his videos and acts on YouTube

standup comedians 7Don’t miss the acts of these finest comedians as you may miss a lot of laughs in your life.

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