#StarCheck – 5 Things about Akshay Waghmare that will Amuse You!


Akshay Waghmare’s real name is……
Akshay Waghmare’s real name is Amol. He got his name ‘Akshay’ from his grandmother. When Akshay got his first role in the film industry as a Police Constable, he received INR 300/- for his role and he was extremely happy that day. He came home after the shooting to share the news with his beloved grand mom. But unfortunately his grand mom passed away that day. She used to call him ‘Akshay’ and wanted to see him be a big star in the industry. In memory of his grandma, he changed his name to Akshay!


Akshay Hails from the Great Legendary Actor Dada Kondke’s Family
He is the grandson of Dada Kondke but not a direct one. Dada Kondke’s sister is Akshay’s maternal grandmother and hence he comes from this extra ordinary family tree. Akshay did not know this fact until the day he was ready to quit the industry!

Youth Poster

Akshay cried on the sets of the movie Youth
Akshay was sitting with one of the distinguished senior artists of Marathi Industry Satish Pulekar, when he saw junior artists standing in a long queue to get their daily payment. Akshay remembered his struggle days then, when he used to stand in such queues just to get paid for that day’s work. When he used to take his daily payment, he used to look at the established actors and the director and say to himself, “One day will come, when I will be there”. His dream has indeed come true today! Reminiscing those hardship days, Akshay’s eyes became moist on the sets of the movie Youth.

Satish Pulekar

The entire Youth Movie crew took a bath in Mud Water
It was the first day of shooting of the movie Youth. The entire crew was tired as they had reached the destination late night. They had an early morning shoot. The place where they were put up had a malfunctioning shower and hence they ordered hot water bucket for bathing. They were shocked to get a bucket with slightly muddy color! But they had no choice and took a bath with that same water as they had to report to the set for shooting!

Muddy Water

The final shoot of Youth movie lasted from 7.00 pm to 2.00 am
Yes, you read it right! Akshay had a nail biting extremely intense monologue to be delivered in the last scene which included a lot of voice variation as well as emotional sensitivity. Akshay delivered that 4 page dialogue with full zeal so much so that he forgot to have dinner that night! And guess what? After that intense scene, he almost lost his voice for 2 days! Now that is called dedication and focus!

Akshay Waghmare Dubbing

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