In a short span of time, Stephen Amell has reached unimaginable heights and gone from relative obscurity to a household name, with no sign of slowing down. While there plenty of reasons to fall in love with the man behind The Emerald Archer, here are the top FIVE reasons that make this superhero adorable to the masses.

Arrow/Green Arrow

The Canadian actor completely justifies the role of Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow in the hit American Television series – Arrow. It’s his charm, shirtless body and excellent acting that leaves you craving for more and you keep coming back to Arrow only for him!

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Drop dead handsome looks

His smoldering hot looks combined with his ribbed, chiseled body can make any girl go weak in her knees. The 34 year old, blue eyed actor lights up the dark with his dazzling smile and you can only cheer loudly every time he goes shirtless on Arrow!


Stephen along with his partner Neville defeated Barrett and Stardust in a tag team match in the year 2015. The actor was awarded a Slammy for the ‘Celebrity Moment of the year” for his appearance in Stardust.

Doting dad

In real life, Stephen is a super hero to his daughter Mavi Alexandra Jean Amell. His cute, family posts on Social media indicate that he is not only a loving husband, but also a maverick father to his two year old daughter.

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Connect with his fans

Stephen has a huge fan following on Facebook as well as Twitter. He totally believes in giving back all the adulation and love and hence he usually initiates Q&A sessions, Fan Art Friday, Meme Monday, Lightsaber Saturday or sometimes just comes live on FB for a chat!

He is a complete package! You just can’t stop yourself from falling in love with
this superhero!

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