30 Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas That You Can Try

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Not everyone wishes to get their hair coloured in a different way with strange colours. This idea may sound interesting, cool but not many people dare to colour their hair with a strange colour. Some people in the world are blessed with different hair colours naturally. While some who may want to have their hair coloured make use of the different options of colouring their hair. Strawberry blonde hair colour is one such a lightest shade of red hair colour that is a popular and gorgeous looking hair colour.

Now if you think of colouring your hair, it is always advised. But not every time we have the time to pay a visit to the salon or the parlour and not everyone wishes to waste money for just trying something out which they are not sure about. Or there are also chances that you may wish to try it by yourself and would like to colour your hair at home. Whatever type of a person you are, a different hair colour will bring a complete change to your look and not everyone wishes to colour their hair. But if you like to, then strawberry blonde hair colour is definitely one of the strange and different hair colour that you can go for.

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Now let us also take a look at the few simple and easy to try steps for colouring your hair with a strawberry blonde at home, so that all those people who don’t wish to spend lots of money on parlours would be able to save their money. So, go through this and you will learn it simple.

You Will Need

  • Reddish blonde hair colour of your desired brand
  • Red penny hair colour
  • Towel
  • Vaseline
  • Hairbrush
  • Large bowl
  • Rubber/plastic gloves
  • Applicator brush
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner


  • Wrap your shoulder with an old towel, so that the dye won’t get on your clothes
  • Neatly brush your hair using the comb and free it from the tangles
  • To protect your skin and make it safe from any kind of rashes or skin infections, apply vaseline all along the hairline and even on the ears
  • Then put on gloves on your hands
  • Now take a large bowl and then pour in the developer and the colour both and mix them well until they combine together well
  • Now apply the mixed colour to your hair. Apply the hair colour to the roots of your hair. Leave it dry and absorb for about 30 minutes and choose to set a timer to remind you of the time
  • Then wash it off with warm water
  • Then shampoo and condition your hair

Breathtakingly Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour Ideas   

Golden Pink Strawberry Blonde 

This is one such an awesome hair colour. This hair colour gives you the look and feel of a goddess. This is a warm blonde style that has gorgeous undertones that are copper in colour. This hair colour on any kind of your hairstyle will definitely make you shine anytime when you are under the sun.

strawberry blonde hair 1
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This is another simple lighter shade of the strawberry blonde colour. If you wish to avoid warm shades or tones as they tend to look brassy. This shade can be the perfect option for you if you like it to be simple, classic.      

strawberry blonde hair 2
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Red And Blonde Tousled Bob

This is another one in our list of some of the really cool strawberry blonde hair colour ideas that you must try. It is a mixture of the blonde highlights with a swanky shoulder length bob hairstyle. There are red and blonde strikes that blend together. Thus they finally produce a harmonious finish.

strawberry blonde hair 3
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Sweeping Side Bang, Highlights

This one is something complex where the dye job is a bit complex. You need to combine dark blonde, brown shade, and red for a truly unique hair colour. You can show off by changing colours with a feathered side bang. This hairstyle with flirty hues and traditional cut makes it suitable and perfect for any occasion.

strawberry blonde hair 3
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Straight Hair With Long Layers

This long lacy hairstyle can suit perfectly on any kind of a face. This hairstyle allows you to showcase your healthy shiny locks. This hairstyle is being elevated by a subtle strawberry blonde that looks like some carefree and sun-touched that brighten ups your overall look.

strawberry blonde hair 4
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Highlighted Strawberry Blonde

Many women wish to have a perfectly sun-kissed hair and that is one thing that they all wish for when they enter the salon to get their hair style done. If you are also one such a women who wishes to have such a hairstyle, then you must definitely try this look. This is an all-around strawberry blonde hair colour. It can be elevated by adding blonde highlights and lowlights and develop a dimension.  

strawberry blonde hair 5
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Hints Of Red

This is another stylish looking hairstyle that looks blonder in some angles and light brown in colour in some other angles of sunlight. The touch red in the mix has made it look even attractive and appealing.

strawberry blonde hair 6
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Rose Gold Layers

Rose gold is another perfect hair colour to compliment the tan skin toned people. This is a more grown up and complex way to have a pinkish coloured hair. Fun filled hairstyle with some complex touch.

strawberry blonde hair 7
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Copper Blonde Colour

Add some extra volume with this kind of a hairstyle. This is a creative colour that truly compliments any type of women or skin-coloured women. The copper coloured flatters a bronze coloured skin tone.

strawberry blonde hair 8
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Metallic Strawberry Blonde

This is another super cool strawberry blonde hair colour that you can flaunt. This look embraces the metallic sheen and it showcases it in all its style. The lip shine factor will be enhanced with this kind of a stylish hairstyle.

strawberry blonde hair 9
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Strawberry Waves With Visible Roots

This is a pastel strawberry hair colour that is contrasted with visible roots in black colour. This is a brilliant option if you are looking for some low maintenance job. The dark roots are part of the look. Your colours should face completely.

strawberry blonde hair 10
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Strawberry Waves

This is another unique colour flattering for a variety of skin tones. It looks even more beautiful when paired with charming waves. Make your hair ends soft and just curl up the bottom hair and your look is done.

strawberry blonde hair 11
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Golden Apricot

This is another flaunt able strawberry colour shade that you can try for your hair. It features lovely highlights and makes it near the blonde end of the strawberry blonde spectrum.

strawberry blonde hair 12
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Bright Bronze

This is another appealing hairstyle that has got shades of brown and blonde hair colour. This is another darker and brighter interpretation of strawberry blonde.

strawberry blonde hair 13
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Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Ombre has been ruling the hair colouring world. It made it to this list as well. You could just colour the ombre colour to the lower half of the hair. It is a beautiful strawberry blonde shade that complements the chocolate brown lock in a perfect way.

strawberry blonde hair 14
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Feathered Balayage Hair

This red balayage hair colour can be a lot of fun to have. You can go for a lighter strawberry hair colour from the darker or brighter shade. The more feather and the more layers it has got, the lighter it will appear.

strawberry blonde hair 15
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Fiery Strawberry Blonde

This is another gorgeous looking hair colour. This strawberry blonde hair colour is a fiery orange undertone that runs through it and adds a burst of vibrancy to the look. This hairstyle can give you a look like a bombshell, so go for it if you want it.

strawberry blonde hair 16
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Honey Ginger

This is another really cool hairstyle for all those people who wish to try the strawberry blonde on their hair but thinks of having something new. Then they can definitely go and opt for this hair colour.

strawberry blonde hair 17
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Molten Gold Strawberry Blonde

This look gives you the look of the Greek Goddess of Sunrise Eos. This is another really shimmering shade of the strawberry blonde colour. The faintest hint of red helps your hair in shining with the golden shades of the sunrise that you have painted on your hair.

strawberry blonde hair 18
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Rainbow Of Blonde Hues

Blonde hair doesn’t need to be boring. It can look cool and attractive if you wish to. You can just lighten things up by adding a variety of highlights and low lights. This can be a great way to make your hair look fine, jazzy and make it awkward.

strawberry blonde hair 19
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Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Give your strawberry blonde hair colour a bright look with some amazing purple balayage highlights. These streaks help you in giving vibrant look to your hairstyle and even give you some feminine look to carry.

strawberry blonde hair 20
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Deep Dark Reds

This is totally dramatic with auburn base and the ends of your hair will be with golden strawberry. You can go with the red dye which will, in fact, give you an amazing feel and quirky look for your hairstyle.

strawberry blonde hair 21
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Natural Blonde

If you are not like any other girl and don’t like much of pink, then this can be a simple yet elegant to try strawberry blonde hair colour option for you. This one is a lighter strawberry blonde with strawberry highlights. It can help you get some professional look but still a bit of fun.

strawberry blonde hair 22
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Red Toned Strawberry Blonde

If you like to have something in red, then this is definitely a perfect colour for your hairstyle and look. This can actually be a natural kind of a look, so if you are someone who wishes to stay simple, then opt this one and you can go for a straight hairstyle or also a curled up one.

strawberry blonde hair 23
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Warm Tones

This is another flirty look to flaunt your hair among your friends. This one with the curls till the bottom and the lighter coloured tone in the ends and the darker tone in the top or the beginning may make your look amazing.

strawberry blonde hair 24
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Dusty Strawberry Blonde Waves

This is another hairstyle that consists the primary hair colour pink as a base colour. IT has also got some dusty blonde highlights that are dispersed intentionally throughout the hair. The two colours when mixed together will create a bold look.

strawberry blonde hair 25
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Rose Blonde

Rose is another such interesting and beautiful hair colour to try on your hair. This strawberry blonde touch of rose hair colour is something you can go for if you wish to have a party look.

strawberry blonde hair 26
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Honey Toned Strawberry Blonde

This is another stunning hair colour that reminds of the sunny summer days. This shade warms up your look. The tones in this hairstyle include reds, browns and blondes. This can be a definite showstopper if you opt for it and dye your hair with this colour.

strawberry blonde hair 27
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Orange Tendrils

When it comes to red and blonde hair colour, there are so many good options that can help you in creating a different style or even make your very own style statement. This particular orange hues look may not look great on anyone and everyone. Add some adventurous look to your look with this orange tendrils.

strawberry blonde hair 28
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Blonde With Bangs

If you are in a stage of coming from a wild look to a natural looking hairstyle, then this one is the correct option for you. Adding some bangs to your hairstyle with blonde hair colour will add up some swag to the look. According to your choice, you can either straighten them or curl them up.


strawberry blonde hair 29
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We hope and wish this collection of information about the strawberry blonde hair colour ideas, the simple steps to get the colouring done at your home will come to your help definitely. Get yourself the strawberry blonde and show the swag.

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