The monsoon has kicked in and the craving for “garam Chai and Samosas” is touching heights. It gets even bigger when people keep posting on Facebook about their awesome experience of first rains with tea and vadapav in their hands. In Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai, evening snack is considered as the most important meal of the day. After a long day’s work all you need is a good evening snack and if you live in Maharashtra finding good street food is as easy as a pie.

When we say street food with the Maharashtrian context, the first thing that comes to mind is Vadapav, but it’s not the only thing, there is much more to Maharashtra’s street food than just Vadapav and Samosa. Maharashtra is one of the most versatile states when it comes to food.

So next time when you feel hungry in the evening apart from ‘garam chai and samosa’, here are a few others items  you can try in a Maharashtrian neighbourhood.

1)Kanda bhajji
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A Special Marathi dish and a very good variant of pakoda, tastes great with both green chutney and tomato ketchup. You will find these bhajjis at the vadapav stalls itself and sometimes at different thelas or street vendors.

2) Cheese Chilly Toast
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There is a fair chance that you might not have heard this name, but college students are very familiar with this item specially students from Mumbai, because most of the Mumbai colleges have these sandwich stalls outside their campus or they even make these in the college canteens.

The stuffing in the sandwich is the mixture of cheese, capsicum and onions. If you like cheese, you are going to fall for this one. Even though it is not a Marathi snack, people here in Maharashtra prefer to eat this in Marathi style that is with green chutney.

3)Chicken Shawarma
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This is a Mediterranean dish which is rapidly gaining fame all over Maharashtra. It’s not as easily available as the other veg items, but if you know the right place you are good to go. Marinated chicken: good, mayonnaise: good, stuffed pita: good! Everything is good, what is not to like? It can easily win the most promising new comer award.

4) Chicken lollypop
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Kids go crazy for this one. It comes in the so called ‘Chinese cuisine’ of India and, tastes best with Schezwan Sauce. It’s soft and smooth taste will make you grab one more piece and then again one more and so on.

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When you get bored of home cooked chapatti and bhaji, frankie saves the day. This is another famous street food item which is very famous in Mumbai. It can be made with different varieties by changing the stuffing. Some of the most common are Schezwan frankie, Paneer frankie, Noodles frankie and Chicken frankie.

6) Pithla bhakri
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Spicy food lovers this is for you!

This traditional Marathi dish with its zesty taste will directly give you a feel of rural Maharashtra, where farmers carry it as a breakfast and lunch. Trekking in Sinhagad, Lonavala or Mahabaleshwar becomes an amazing experience with this ambrosial dish, as it is easily available at every trekking point. In the city you can enjoy this dish at roadside Marathi eateries. Maharashtrian people often enjoy this dish with green chilly or some pickle.

7) Bhel puri

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It is astonishing to make a delightful snack from such simple ingredients! Well Mumbai street food is all about that.

Standing in the rains and eating this crispy snack is an ultimate delight! One of the most common snack on the streets of Mumbai, which is amazingly easy to make. This heart smart dish has two versions: Dry bhel and wet bhel. It tastes best with a fried crisp puri. If you are not a big fan of spicy food make sure you mention it while ordering it because Maharashtrian people like it spicy.

8) Pav bhaji
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Easily the king of street food!

Its smell itself will arouse you and its heavenly taste with the smooth buttery pav will blow your mind. The bhaji contains mixed vegetables cooked with a special blend of masalas. Kids or adults it is every food lover’s dream. Best served with thin cut onion pieces and lemon, it represents the rich taste of maharashtrian street food.

With these various mouth tingling snacks, your monsoon in Maharashtra is definitely going to be a great one!

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