I Can Campaign

Stylewhack designed #ICan Campaign on verge of Women’s Day. Where we called out women who have guts to say I can, as everyone around you have opinion that you can’t. Many interesting women joined the Stylewhack #ICan campaign to show the world that a woman can do anything and everything. Here are few amazing women who tore down the shackles of gender stereotypes surrounded around her!

We enjoyed reviewing all the entries we received for our #ICan campaign and we are very happy to announce the winners.

It was amazing to see so many women coming out and letting the world know ‘I Can’.

We hope that sentiment stays with each and every woman!

*****Drumrolls Please*****

1st – Neha Shilal

2nd – Shweta Kokate Bodhale

Here are our 6 best entries and the two winners of Stylewhack #ICan Campaign, Women who proudly said ‘I Can’ –

Neha Shilal

Neha ShilalI was in 10th grade when i started riding Dad’s Royal Enfield. At that time, very few women rode bikes and hence I was being judged everywhere and by everyone.
People passing by used to pass on awkwards comments – only Guys can ride this heavy machine or “Iskey baap ne bhi kabhi nhi chalai hogi” or “Bike chalayegi toh rang kala hojayega shadi kon karega”.

Even the guy I dated had some issues with my messy looks. He felt ashamed of me riding bike and not acting like other girls putting makeup and dressing like them (I respect and love for who a person is and they should be proud of who they are either a girl with make up or a girl like me).

“Some girls like holding branded or stylish bags in their hands i prefer holding my helmet instead”. And all the odds of society and their mentality, I did what #Ilove and what I wanted to do.

Shweta Kokate Bodhale

Shweta KokateThe day I got the acceptance letter to my dream dental school was the day my doctor confirmed I am expecting a baby. I had people tell me ‘If God had intended women to work, he’d have made them men’. I did both, career and family when everyone else said I can’t. I wanted to tell everyone #ICan!

Akanksha Muluk

Akanksha MulukAs a girl, everyone call us soft hearted and make us believe that we are afraid of everything. And they also think that we as women don’t have the guts to go out of the line. But I proved them wrong. I have got guts and I can do anything for sure. Women can do anything and everything. Being a girl, I did it! I did Bungee jumping and experienced the thrills!

Ruchi Verma

Ruchi VermaWho said only men could climb up the carrier to tie the luggage? So can women….luggage strapped, ready for a road trip.

Pooja Mandar Auti

Pooja AutiI never ran a marathon but I used to run on treadmills. One fine day someone told me that women just run on treadmills as it is the easiest form of exercise. The person even went further to say that if I tried running on the road, I won’t be able to run even a mile on real road minus the treadmill! When someone tells you, ‘You can’t’…..turn around and say ‘Watch me’. That’s how I challenged, not only to that person but also to myself to run a 10 kms marathon. I ran 4 miles daily on treadmill and 3 miles on road on weekends. In 2 months I was all set for the marathon. I not only finished my 10K, but also broke my own record!
I completed 10 K in 1:12:42 in Race131 Nashville,TN marathon on Oct 29th 2016. I have not stopped here, I am now preparing for half marathon.

Krithika Ramesh

Krithika Ramesh I CanBeing a woman, have you ever faced this in your life? ? I’m sure many must have gone through this dilemma. Yes having a Guy Friend even after marriage 🙂
Is it possible? If you ask me then, yes very much! I’m so happy and proud that my best friend is a Guy @sridharsivakumar and people (both men and women) have judged me because of that, but we really don’t care, because friendship happens by seeing the hearts and not by the gender. We are not only Best friends but also a family and both our families give their total support and affection on us 🙂 🙂

Always just listen to your heart and don’t worry about other people’s judgement 🙂 🙂

Congratulations to everyone! May you always rise and shine and let the world know #ICan!



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