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Stylewhack brings our lady fashion seekers Sugar Lipstick Review! Read till the end.

Sugar Cosmetics is a US based cosmetic brand that is specially crafted for women who refuses to accept to stay put to stereotyped roles. Their cosmetic range is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Speaking of lipsticks they have a varied collection of lipsticks which impresses you with its quality performance and are clubbed with high staying power and high-colour payoff! Sugar Cosmetics offer makeup products that will challenge the status quo.

The lipstick range is bold and generous yet offers a decent approachable and budge-proof look. Here’s an honest sugar lipstick review for all you fashionistas out there!

The brand claims that it can make heads turn your way wherever you go. Wear the lipsticks in style and attitude. Looking gorgeous involves many things and putting on the right makeup is one of the important things. This is why SUGAR complements your sweet and sassy style for you to fall in love with yourself over and over again.

Pros :

  • Sugar lipstick review brings you a variety of colour tones to choose from. It includes various shades of reds to browns to pinks to peaches to nudes.
  • You will find a perfect lip colour for each skin tone in their collection.
  • The lipsticks have a smooth texture and creamy consistency that keeps your lips hydrated and wonderful looking.
  • The matte finish lipsticks are gorgeously matte which gives you a dashing and stylish appearance.
  • All lipsticks are super pigmented and have a long wear time.
  • It has the high colour payoff.
  • Survives even after full meals and you may not need to touch-up afterwards. Yeppie!!
  • They have cute fun names for each lip colour which makes it just more adorable.


  • Some of the brighter shades tend to smudge after full meals. So you’ll need to apply a lip liner underneath to prevent smudging.
  • Matte lipsticks might tend to be less hydrating but, they don’t cause discomfort.
  • Remember to exfoliate your lips before you apply the matte shades as they will show the minutest flaw on your lips.

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Let’s go through a few most sought Sugar lipsticks from each of their collection:


SUGAR Never Say Dry Crème Lipstick is an intensely pigmented lipstick collection with a baby soft finish and creamy texture that will meet you fall in love with it. The smooth creamy texture effortlessly straddles the line between matte and glossy effect for an everyday, gorgeous look.

The high colour payoff lipstick shades are loaded with a dose of Vitamin E that locks both moisture and colour. It is free of parabens, mineral oil and lanoline. The colourful shades are so vibrant too swoon over them.

1. Revolutionary Rose (Rose Pink)

This is a classic rosy pink tone that blends perfectly with any look. It’s bold and stylish for any girl to carry it flawlessly. You can shush the naysayers with a swipe of this lip colour.

sugar lipstick review 1
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2. Dial M For Magenta (Deep Magenta Purple)

Give yourself a rush with this shade of deep magenta lipstick. This deep berry colour will act as your cheerleader even on the most gloomy day.

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SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick gives you an excellent coverage on the lips with a single swipe. It has a very high-colour payoff, is long-lasting and highly pigmented which keeps you covered even after meals.

need to touch-up. This collection has 18 vibrant shades to allure you. They will suit every individual taste and enlighten your mood instantly. It blends on your lips with a soft creamy texture with a silky matte finish.

3. Mary Poppins (Fuchsia)

What do you think about going bare-faced with a dashing pop of color? Interesting, isn’t it? Then you should definitely grab the Mary Poppins lipstick. The awe-striking fuchsia tone can never go unnoticed.

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4. Elle Woods (Brown Nude)

For formal meetings going nude is the perfect choice at times. If you don’t want the crowd to know you’re wearing a lip color, go for the sweet brown nude – the Elle Woods. It’s a secret to all-natural looking subtle looks.

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The creamy and moisturizing lip color glides through your lips to impart a vivid, bright and classic matte effect with incredible comfort. The formula is enriched with silica micro-beads and micronized pigments and is free off parabens and mineral oil. Our sugar lipstick review will definitely make you buy one of these!

5. Coraline In The City (Orange Coral)

This is the perfect lip color for the adventurous you! The orange coral shade gives you a brimming whacky look and enhances your dynamic persona. Be ready for a quirky orange pout always!

sugar lipstick review 5
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6. True Oxblood (Burgundy Red)

Go burgundy red with this amazing bossy lipstick shade. Radiate your stylish attitude with a sophisticated mix of seduction and ambition. This vibrant shade from the family of red offers a sense of wonder about your next charming move.

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This ‘one-coat wonder’ lipstick is a long-staying liquid lipstick that claims a zero feathering or fading effect. The burst of vibrant pigments make a statement wherever you go. Are you ready to choose from amongst the brilliant 30 shades of this collection?

7. Drop Dead Red (Red)

Make a bold fashion statement with this chic red lip color. Red will never go out of vogue, so grab this one for a lustful look.

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8. Don Fawn (Yellow Brown)

This brown lipstick keeps you covered on a day of work and play. Its cocoa hue with yellow undertones is what you must opt for this summer season.

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Sugar lipstick review for this matte range is amazingly good. These lipsticks deliver killer matte looks with implausible comfort. The velvety texture with intense pigments makes you look and feel good all day long.

9. Berry Boop (Deep Berry)

Get a brazen look with this awesome berry lip color. The intense berry look gives you an edgy look and irresistible temptation to wear it every day.

sugar lipstick review 9
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10. Little Bo Peach (Soft Peach)

A trendy peach color on your lips will lend a flattering tint to your looks. The intense opaque look can boost your confidence in style! Do try your hands on this one!

sugar lipstick review 10
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Hope all you ladies there have liked our Sugar lipstick review. So what are you waiting for? Pick up some cool shades and expand your collection now!!

Do let us know which one is your favorite lipstick shade.


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