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Life seems a bit empty after the grand finale of Game of Thrones and it gets harder for us, daily soap fans to pass our precious time. Well, not if you are a “Suitor”. Yeah that’s right! Brace yourself because Suits is back with the premiere episode of season 6 and you are about to get “LITT” up!

Season 6 started right where we left off and it’s sure that things are going to get worse at Pearson Specter Litt. Season 5 ended with Mike leaving Rachel at their own wedding and walking inside the prison walls, while Donna, Jessica and Louis come back to office all panicked and find out that everybody is gone.

Most people predicted a time jump in season 6 but the writers obviously had other ideas. Stylewhack brings to you the highlights of the premiere episode of Suits season 6 –

Spoiler alert!

Things get worse in the office

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While Mike gets acquainted about prison rules, Jessica finds out their firm is being sued with a class action lawsuit for every case Mike Ross has ever worked on. Meanwhile Louis was having a look around the office and notices that every single employee has abandoned the firm- lawyers, assistants, receptionists, accountants and even the shoe shining guy has left.

They get stoned

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As usual Louis starts freaking out about the situation and starts his blame game on Jessica and Harvey, then Harvey gives him a piece of his mind, heating the discussions even more. Rachel interrupts in between and calms them with a pep talk. Finally they decide to make peace and surprisingly they get high. Turns out Jessica had weed in her office. Harvey, Jessica and Louis sit in the office and light up some doobies. The high helps them relax and get back to business and try to figure out some ways to save the firm.

Benjamin has it covered

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Turns out only one loyal IT guy was left behind, Benjamin. He alerts the partners of being hacked by the old lawyers trying to steal information about all the firm’s clients. Benjamin manages to prevent the damage. They decide to move all of firm’s money elsewhere and Louis comes up with a brilliant idea of using all of firm’s money to fight the class action lawsuit, so clients will not be able to sue for their money. So ya, one IT guy still left in Suits.

Rachel’s grief

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This episode of Suits showed Rachel having the worst day of her life, she is worried about Mike’s situation in prison, she calls Danbury prison to ask if Mike is okay. She ends up devastated after she finds out she can’t visit Mike for over a month because she is not related to him and only relatives have the privilege of instant visits.

Well that makes us think, first Mike should have married Rachel and then went to prison.

Mike makes a stupid mistake again

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Did anyone notice they wear such fashionable clothes in prison?

Mike meets his cellmate, named Frank, who starts discussing his personal life with Mike and prematurely Mike ended up trusting him by sharing his personal life. Slowly Frank reveals he has a cellphone and offers Mike to make any call he wants. First Mike declines but slowly Mike’s urge to talk to Rachel grows and finally he uses the cellphone to text Rachel that he is okay. Suddenly a prison guard opens the cell doors and Frank leaves. Mike was shocked and asked why is he leaving, Frank reveals everything he told Mike was a maneuver to get revenge on Harvey, the man responsible for his 13 years in prison. Well we didn’t see that coming from an extremely smart gut like Mike making such rookie mistake.

It is surely the Mike’s stupidest mistake ever done after he started working for Harvey. According to the producer Aaron Korsh next episode named “Accounts Payable” will reveal some secrets about the Frank guy.

Well, that plot twist was unexpected and you can surely expect some kickass office swag from Harvey and company in the further episodes of Suits.

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