Summer style – 5 must try hairstyles for this summer!  


Tired of the same old hairstyles and want something new? Yes, we know summer tends to make all our fashion adventures go down a sweat drain, but we are here so no worries! You could totally upgrade your hairstyles without having to worry about getting sweaty. Try Stylewhack’s 5 best hairstyles for this summer and let the compliments flow in!

Braids Galore!

Fishtail braids, simple braids, double braids, loose braids, messy braids – call it what you may, braids are so in this summer that you have got to try it out!

Hairstyle#1 - Braid galore











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Messy Top Knot Buns

What is even better than a top knot? A messy top knot that will take your summer style to the next level!

Hairstyle #2 - Messy Bun















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Twisted Hair For A Pretty You!

Twists are the latest trends in hairstyles and you have to try it out in different ways to strike your perfect summer look.

Hairstyle #3 - Twisted hair













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Accessorize Your Mane!

Nothing beats accessories for your hair if you want to look fresh and new every single day. Hairbands, clips, tiaras, go get them!

Hairstyle #4 - Accessorize your hair









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Go The Sleek Way

Hair feels oily? It’s never too late to try the sleek hairstyles to turn fashion in your favour, right?

Sleek hairstyle
















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Are you ready to flaunt your sunkissed hair?

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