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It is summer time and your toddler must be home giving you a hard time!!!!

Holidays and happiness is all around us. Well except for mothers who suddenly feel the brunt of hyperactive kids without the buffer of schools. It is not a kid’s play when it comes to keeping up with these kids’ energy, not only matching it step by step but also giving it a positive and creative outlet.

Here are some fun, DIY indoor activities especially for toddlers, when it is too hot to go out and play and which will keep them away from the dreaded screen time. These activities are guaranteed to keep the kids busy and plus can be fun for the whole family.

Building Tents
Remember our childhood, when a sheet and 2 chairs could be enough to build an entire world for ourselves? Well our kids are no different. Introduce them to the world of make belief by this simple trick. There are many ways to build tents. You can pull a sheet over 2 chairs, hang a cloth from a hook from the ceiling, pull a sheet over a clothes stand. Let them play with their imagination. Simple, effective and guaranteed to keep the kids busy. And most importantly, a lot of fun.

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Mud Cakes
Nothing can be more satisfying for a toddler than to put her or his hands in the cold mud on a hot summer afternoon. Make a mud pit for your kid at your home in your balcony. Get some soil from a plant nursery, take it in a plastic bowl, pour some water in it and let the kid have a gala time. Mud cakes, mud cars, mud vessels, and even mud castles; the sky is the limit for a toddler’s imagination.

PS: usually do all the dirty activities just before bath time.


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Sorting the Vegetables
First place a huge towel on the floor and make the toddler sit on it. Give him/her a bowl of water and some vegetables. Show them how to dip the vegetables in the water and then wipe it clean with a clean towel. The huge towel will minimize the cleaning up part later for you. And plus you will be treated to cleaned and sorted vegetables. Guaranteed to keep the toddler busy for almost half an hour.


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Washing their Toys
Give them a mug with little water in it and a wash cloth. Show them how to dip the washcloth in the water and then wipe their toys. Especially their toy bikes and cars. This can inculcate a healthy and fun approach to house chores.


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Water Play
Fill a tub or an inflatable pool with water. Kids love water. Let them splash around. You can join in the fun too. Don’t worry about water wastage as you can reuse the water, either in your loo flush or the washing machine.


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Edible Paints
Scared about your toddler putting everything in his mouth? Edible paints are the answer to your problems. Take some condensed milk or curd in an ice cube tray. Put different food colours or natural vegetable and fruit colours to it and hand them a brush and a paper. Kids are indeed Da Vincis in the making.

Again, an activity best just before bath time.

Water color

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Read, read and read
The best and least destructive way for a toddler to pass time. Stack up on the books. In many second hand book shops, you get books by the weight. Introduce your toddler to as many books as you can. Make a separate space or a display shelf for all the books. Even selecting a specific book from his collection is a huge responsibility for the toddler.


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Screen Time
The least favored by the mothers and the most favorite activity of the kids, screen time. It is ok for the kids to indulge in a little extra screen time during the holidays. Make a list of some good children’s movies and watch with them. After all everybody loves some good entertainment.


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So don’t be afraid this summer! Let your toddler play his/her heart out this summer!

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