You crib all week saying you need a break and can’t wait for the weekend to come. For those of you who work 6 days a week, Sunday is heaven. And yet, most of the times you end up wasting the Sunday and then you go all ‘I didn’t even realize it was Sunday and it’s gone already. Wwhhhyyyy’. Well, you need to ask that to yourself. Yes, Sundays are the only days you get to sleep all day long but there’s so much more you can do that day. No, you don’t have to do big things and say, “Sunday ko bhi kaam karu?” There are small things that are so much fun which will gear you up for the coming week.

Here are some stress busting ways to spend your Sunday with!

  1. Go for a refreshing morning walk

Waking up a little early and taking a morning walk is going to do all the right things to your mind and body. Plus, waking up early means you have a longer Sunday in hand. Yayy!

Sunday Activities
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2. Cook a meal for your family and friends

If you are someone who loves cooking then ring up your friends and cook a yummy meal full of love for your loved ones. The smile on their faces will just make your day!

Sunday Cooking
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3. Eat a meal with family

If you are not that into cooking, simply eat your lunch or dinner with the entire family. Share some jokes, make fun of your siblings, tell them about how your week went and just eat to your heart’s content!

Sunday Family Dinner
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4. Go watch a play/musical event

Instead of going for a movie, spend a Sunday watching a play or attend a musical event. These are not just great alternatives but will give you a nice dose of talent you won’t be seeing anywhere else.

Sunday fun
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5. Play a friendly match          

Call all your friends, neighbours, colony kids and anybody you can think of for a match of football/cricket/basketball/throwball or whatever you like. This is a great way to meet up with everybody and have lots of fun as well.

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6. Give yourself some ‘Me time’

If you are a working mommy, you need some time for yourself. Just sit back, do a quick pedicure/manicure, apply some nail paint, read a book, dream a little and you will feel much happier!

Me Time
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7. Throw a picnic

Surprise your near and dear ones by inviting them for a picnic in any spot of your choice. Planning a picnic is easy and you won’t need to do much work beforehand for a fantastic picnic time!

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8. Read anything of your choice

It could be a book, magazine, online blogs or some gossip column- read what you like. Reading relaxes your mind and there’s always something to learn from a book.

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9. Make some DIY crafts

Utilize your time in making some DIY crafts that could be learnt online. This way you can get creative and you will always have a gift in case of emergency birthdays or anniversaries.

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10. Try catching up with some news

In your busy schedule you might not have found time to read a newspaper or watch any news channel. But it is a responsible habit to stay in touch with what’s happening around you so read your weekly news!

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11. Indulge in your hobby

We all have hobbies that get lost in your busy life. So sing your heart out, dance to your favourite beat, cook a new recipe or try a new sport!

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12. Message someone you haven’t in a long time

Get in touch with that friend who means so much to you but you couldn’t make some time for. Plan a meeting or just bond over old times!

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Ready for this Sunday?


Srilaxmi is a dynamic person with many feathers in her hat. Along with her Professional education in Journalism, she is involved with many creative activities. She believes in the classic rule of simplicity and loves to experiment with her kool sense of fashion and latest trends.


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