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Aroma Leaf Sunscreen SPF 60





We all are on a constant quest of finding a perfect solution for our skin. This time I got my hands on one such product which is a combination of all of our skin’s needs.

We wish to have a Moisturizer, Sunscreen, anti-wrinkle, matt-finish, pigmentation removal elements in one beauty cream.

Here is the product review of Aroma Leaf Sunscreen SPF 60

Armoa Leaf Sunscreen b

Brand Name: Aroma Leaf Sunscreen SPF 60

Product: All skin type cream

Price: Rs 295

Ingredients:Aroma Leaf Sunscreen SPF 60 fPackaging:

Product comes in a paper carton.

Armoa Leaf Sunscreen eArmoa Leaf Sunscreen cArmoa Leaf Sunscreen d






Method of use: 

You need to follow these simple steps to get the best coverage and results

  • Clean your face with a cleanser.
  • Pat it dry.
  • Apply cream over face in form of small dots.
  • Spread the cream over skin, you will get smooth finish skin.
  • Cream has skin color tone so it blends perfectly.


Armoa Leaf Sunscreen a

  • Cream has a very good consistency and smooth texture
  • Spreads quickly and very small quantity is required
  • Gives you proper sunscreen and moisturizing effect.
  • I can surely replace it with my BB cream.
  • Effects last for more than 8 hrs.


  • Screen has very good effect with respect to moisturizing effect
  • Helps reduce pigmentation
  • Long lasting


  • Effect stays upto 8 hours, just need touch up after 5 hours.

Overall, this is one good cream with economical cost and good results.

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