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How did you share the news of being pregnant to your partner? Did you just show the positive pregnancy test? Or did you whisper in his ears? You might just have hugged him and shared the happiness! But did you ever arrange for a photoshoot for the same?

Well, Brianne took a whole new step and made arrangements to capture her husband Brandon’s reaction on camera!

Brianne staged a fake photoshoot with the help of her wedding photographer Samantha Boos to share the BIG news. Brianne told Brandon that she had won a photoshoot session giveaway. Rest is a beautiful story of human emotions!

Look at the photoshoot of Brianne and Brandon and share the joy!

Samantha Boos asked both of them to stand back to back and write 3 things they love about each other.


Isn’t he the cutest? So unaware of the BIG news that is waiting for him. Let’s see what happens next. The photographer is such a perfect friend in crime to have!

Look what Brianne wrote instead –


Someone is in for a surprise!

The Time to Show Each Other What They had Written –

Priceless Reaction

The moment of truth! Can’t wait to see how Brandon reacts.

The Reactions which Follow are Priceless and so Endearing – 


Aww! That is so divine. It just melted all our hearts 🙂 The Stylewhack team kept on gazing at this picture.


Heartwarming, isn’t it? Such intense and delicate feelings and myriad of emotions captured on the camera. These pictures will be with Brianne and Brandon for a lifetime. A moment worth freezing in time.

Stylewhack team wishes Brianne and Brandon happy parenthood and a life full of happiness with their child!

Surprise PhotoshootHow did you share the BIG news with your partner? Tell us in the comments below.

All images source: Samantha Boos Photography

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