8 Life Lessons to Survive in Today’s World


Here are 8 life lessons to follow while we are living this life in today’s world! We just have one life, so live it to the fullest and don’t regret later!

  1. Health is of utmost importance
    Yes! Health should be the highest priority always. It does not make sense in screwing the body to make more money or to attain those office targets. If you do not have good health, all that extra money which you have earned will go down the drain in medical treatments and exorbitant doctor’s fees. So first and foremost – take excellent care of your health!Image Source

  2. Be Independent. Always.
    Learn to be independent whether you are a man or a woman. Learn to drive that car or ride a two wheeler. Learn to manage your finances on your own. Do your taxes. It is good to be pampered sometimes, but remember folks – ‘Independence is the key to inner happiness’.Image Source

  3. Read. Read. And Read
    Whichever walk of life you are in currently, always read. We do not have to mention the thousands of benefits of reading. Read and be well informed about what is happening around you. It is always a good habit to inculcate in our kids and reading never disappoints us!Image Source

  4. Have Friends from all Walks of Life
    Having friends from all walks of life makes a tremendous impact on your personality. It is true friendships are fostered when we have some common ground like when you are in college you hang up with like minded people, as you enter the marriage knot your friends become mostly your spouses friend circle, as you kids kids you start roaming with parents with kids. Have these traditional friends too along with other friends who are from a different phase of life than you. This will enrich your life for sure, take our two cents!Image Source

  5. You must know how to cook
    Gender does not matter over here. Everyone must know how to cook as it is a surviving necessity and not a luxury anymore. With jobs becoming global, you never know where you will end up for your career and whether you will get a cook in that country. So be prepared. Learn the basics and keep on practicing those basics once in a while.Image Source

  6. Take up a Team Sport
    Take up a team sport! This will inculcate not just the sportsmanship in you, but will keep you grounded. You win as a team, you lose as a team. It is a ‘team effort’ and camaraderie which you will share with some of your team members will take you a long way. You might not like some team members and yet all of you will work together towards one common goal forgetting your differences. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called ‘sports’.
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  7. Travel to Unseen Places
    Travel has become a quintessential part of most of our lives. But instead of going to the same old crowded tourist spots, try traveling to the interiors. Stay with the locals, learn their way of living and eat their food. Try to do as much as possible in the small stint, creating memories forever.Image Source

  8. Create a Support System wherever you go
    It may be your home, your school or your community. Create a support system wherever you go. Help the needy. Try to educate a child. Create an environment where people feel welcomed. Don’t ridicule anyone. Be a person whom everyone looks up to and always be happy!Image Source

Live this life to the fullest! Smile Always 🙂

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