Cooking With Sweet Corn – Easy Recipes Worth A Try!

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What is the best thing about cooking? Is it being able to experiment and create new things? Or creating yummy masterpieces with a mix of Indian taste and western presentations? Mixing and matching of different flavors and ingredients can work wonders for your dishes. Including sweet corn in your meals can be scrumptious with the added benefit of health quotient to your diet.

Go off the cob or flavor the cobs with herbs and cheese, the choice is yours! Here is how you can eat the cobs differently!!

Yummylicious Jalapeno Popper Corn Dip

This is a yummylicious corn dip made with a lot of flavors to savor your sophisticated palates. The sharp flavor of jalapeno poppers mixed with the richness of cheese and bacon gives this corn dip a unique and appetizing taste.

sweet corn dip
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Mini Sweet Corn Pancakes For Breakfast

Sweet corn pancakes are not just tummy-filling portions for breakfast. But they are served as a delightful variety livened up with a dash of spice!! The mini pancakes will surely impress your taste buds!

sweet corn pancakes
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Lovely Corn Chowder For Summers

We all have tries the traditional sweet corn soup many times. Here is another variant of corn soup for the summers. Add a hearty taste of soyabean and sweet corn to your sunny days with this lovely chowder. The creamed corn adds nice texture and body to the soup.

sweet corn chowder
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Healthy Chickpea And Corn Burgers

Lip-smacking burgers are your favorites!! Right?? But what if you make these cheesy treats healthier? These veggie delights won’t make you miss your meat treats at all. Spicy hot chickpea tikkis combined with the goodness and sweetness of corn tastes amazing! Finish off the dish with a tangy, smoky and spicy tomato sauce.

sweet corn burger
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Interesting Sweet Corn Ice Popsicles

When sun is scorching iced desserts has its own place on your dining table. We bet you wouldn’t have heard ice pops made from sweet corns. The interesting blend of coconut milk and corn into ice popsicles is a must try!

sweet corn pops
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Grilled Sweet Corn And Sweet Potato Salad

Salads make a good option for side dish and lunches. The tasty corn and sweet potato mix is grilled to give an earthy touch and contrasting flavor of poblano peppers, spring onions and lime.

sweet corn salad
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Spiced Simmered Corn Curry

The mild Indian curry with the calming flavors of fresh coconut, yogurt, milk and coriander is a fete for your senses. The corn curry is simmered slowly with the spices to retain its flavorsome qualities.

sweet corn 1
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Flavorful Corn On The Cob

Dress up your corn cob with delightful concoctions of spices and butter and grill them! These delectable cobs will beat your chicken BBQs! Try them today.

sweet corn cob
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Its time you should go ahead and give these novel sweet corn recipes a try!!

Do share your own off-beat corn recipe with us below.

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