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We say Switzerland, you think cowbells, Berne and DDLJ. Home of the iconic Bollywood romances (skimpy sarees in falling snow), cheese and chocolate; the ultimate European destination for most. Funnily enough, there’s more to the mountainous country than that. And no, we don’t mean the trip up to Jungfrau.

Switzerland is a tiny country in which it’ll take you 3 hours to go from North to South. Such is a traveler’s heaven! Big things come in small packages, and Switzerland is no exception. Look past those usual tourist hang-outs, and you’ll see a fairy tale world, less explored and even less touched by human hands. Yes, such places exist in this crazy world!

Welcome to Aareschlucht!

Situated near the heart of the country, it is home to a cavernous beauty of a gorge, carved into limestone by the Aare River. Walking alongside the pacing blue river brings you to the mouth of the Aare Gorge. Get set for a journey into a peaceful dimension! A narrow, railed wooden pathway along the jutting rocks allows you to appreciate their molded structures made by the strong waters over a thousand years. Low roofed tunnels make for passages, lit by lamps that give them an ancient, mysterious feel. Little, offset balconies act as viewing galleries, from which one can look out onto the roaring blue-green river. A persistent cool given off by the stones and the musical rush of the flowing waters make for a calming environment, which stays with you even after you leave.

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Continue the odyssey-like tour of this magical realm by exploring the region around the Gorge! Set in Aareschlucht is a tiny village surrounded by the gorgeous mountains that give Switzerland its name for beauty.

Meiringen is every person’s secret desire of a get-away.

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Little cottages straight out of a fairytale line one side of the road, and green fields at the foot of the Alps continue on the other side. The magnificent mountain range surrounds it all, as if protecting that miniscule world from the reaches of the real one. It’s like walking into tranquility itself. *sigh* The clean, crisp mountain air and open space are perfect for a bracing walk back to the toy station come to life!

If you’re looking for a destination free of tourists, Aareschlucht is the right place. It captures the essence of Switzerland in a way that will leave you with a longing to come back. It’s time for a little vacation, start booking!

How to get there: Trains are the best way to get around the country. Catch one from the central station, Zurich HB, to Aareschlucht West, for a direct journey. The walk to the Gorge and the village makes for a scenic route.


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