Struggling with Work-life Balance? Here are 6 Ways to Completely Ace the Balance Game

One of the most difficult parts about adulting is maintaining the right balance between your work and personal life. Wives have cribbed about this, children have cried over it, mothers have whined about this too. Very often this takes a toll on your relationships and before you know it, things would’ve gone too far. It’s … Read more

Sister Things – 14 Things That You Will Relate To If You Have A Sister

sister things

One thing that every person with a sister either younger or elder will definitely admit is that their sister is their best friend on the planet. They even admit their sister as a true blessing. They may go through many arguments, fights, and many other serious annoyances, but all it takes is a few hours … Read more

Bothering Brother – 10 Things That You Will Relate To If You Have One

bothering brother

Brothers are a certain set of human beings who can both be lovable and irritating as well. But when they will be lovable and when they will be irritating is just impossible to guess for our senses. Having a brother is a unique experience of life that is filled with some different memories some enjoyable, … Read more

#ShortStory – Should parents be blamed for Sibling rivalry?

comparing children

Twelve year old Piya rushed home exuberantly, holding her ‘G.K. Genius’ trophy preciously in her hand, desperately waiting to show it off to her parents and friends circle. All her excitement subsided when her mother commented, “What’s the big deal? Zia already has four of them!” When you compare children The smile on Piya’s face … Read more

Bipasha’s gorgeous pictures not to be missed at all

Love birds

Bipasha is finally married to Karan Singh Grover and you must have seen their photos and videos on their social websites too. They look so beautiful. The love birds simply look amazing together. Well, there’s no doubt how pretty Bipasha is. Bipasha’s to stay fit and great love for fitness has shown all her beauty … Read more