7 must have essentials to be a Desi Kudi with the Desi Tadka

Alia Bhatt

No  matter where you go, what you do, at heart you will still long for your Indian avatars. Those instagram pictures of girls flaunting their chiffon sarees, your cousin looking proper tashan in those patiala suits and basically anything Indian is sure to make you crave to dress up too. While it is easy to … Read more

8 simple ways you can make your girl blush without even saying anything romantic

Men say that women are complicated when in reality, what we want are very simple things. They are so simple that even we don’t sometimes realize them. You could be buying her an expensive gift and she might still be missing out on that spark in your relationship. To make your girl blush is not … Read more

Dowry System Is Never Going To Die In The Indian Society. Why?

dowry system

It will be 7 lakhs for an engineer and about 10 lakhs for a Chartered Accountant. You think I am saying the amount that would cost to become an engineer and CA? You are wrong. These are the rates of the engineer and CA grooms in the dowry market. If the groom is into civil … Read more