Struggling with Work-life Balance? Here are 6 Ways to Completely Ace the Balance Game

One of the most difficult parts about adulting is maintaining the right balance between your work and personal life. Wives have cribbed about this, children have cried over it, mothers have whined about this too. Very often this takes a toll on your relationships and before you know it, things would’ve gone too far. It’s … Read more

45 Beautiful Life Thoughts To Get Some Inspiration

life thoughts

Life teaches its own lessons to everyone. But the life lessons are different for each and every one. It varies from their experiences in life. Life is a true gift that lies in your freedom to design it beautifully. With each and every passing day, you get the opportunity to chase your dreams and fill … Read more

The Gratitude Jar – How 30 days of Gratitude Revamped My Life


“Inhale Blessings, Exhale Gratitude!” This quote resonated with me ever since I stumbled upon it. The quote has essentially ended up being one of my favorite mantras for elevating my thought process! The significance of practicing gratitude has been emphasized time and again by various Spiritual/Personal Development Gurus and Coaches. In today’s dynamic era where … Read more