You may know yourself, but motherhood shows you other layers and here’s how

It is said that for every woman, the biggest surprise comes after she enters motherhood. No matter how much you prepare yourself for it, it will always come with extra surprises. Apart from your body (which you should be really proud about), there are many other changes that happen in a new mother’s life. You … Read more

An Unexpected Life Lesson Learnt From A Toddler Tantrum


In the middle of a horrifying, blood curdling scream of my toddler, I suddenly wished I could throw a tantrum like her. No, seriously, hear me out. Yesterday we had a really terrific episode of a tantrum (screeching, screaming, crying, yelling) in the evening. The reason was that both me and my husband were trying … Read more

Colors! Wonderful Inspiration For Indian Baby Names!

Baby Names

Colors associate with brightness, positive vibes, happiness, fantasy and vibrancy. This may be the reason why so many parents want to name their children inspired from various colors. Some names that mean colors or define a peculiar color inject a splash of colorful personality and character to your child. Choosing a baby name that’s fun … Read more

#Starwhack Drew Barrymore breaks her silence on Postpartum depression

In this world where all of us trying to hide our imperfections and fake our happiness, here’s an actor who has opened up about something very personal. Drew Barrymore spoke about facing Postpartum depression after giving birth to her second child, Frankie, who is now 18 months old. The 40 year old actress said that … Read more