Ice-Gola – Must-Try Stalls In Mumbai to Beat Summer Heat


Each one of us craves for the tempting colorful ice-candy. It is popularly known as ice-gola in India. It is typically a summer delight. Howbeit, people of all age-groups enjoy this cool dish in a hot and humid climate of Mumbai city. Ice-gola is nothing but a ball of crushed ice dipped in flavored sherbets. Sometimes, … Read more

7 Kick Ass Trekking Getaways Near Mumbai – Stylewhack Travel Picks

With the arrival of monsoon, the spark for trekking goes up. Mumbai life is fast and stressful. So, A break at least for one day is a must. Winding through the forest belts and reaching a defined destination satisfies the passion for trekking and nature lovers. Trekking along the picturesque terrain makes you escape the … Read more