Recipes using Bread- Because it is the ultimate savior for those who don’t know cooking


‘I am hungry but don’t know how to cook! What shall I eat?’ cried hungry stomach. If this is how your stomach cries, then you are at the right place. These trouble-free bread recipes are something you ought to try if you are somebody who is poor in cooking! Get the recipes here- Bread Upma … Read more

5 Papad Recipes to Move Over Boondi Papad – A Yummylicious Treat


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Ramzan Special Middle – Eastern recipes to try this year

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6 Litchi delicacies that are a must try before the season vanishes!

With the arrival of summer is the arrival of yummy fruits. Of course mangoes are the highlight being the king of fruits but let us take a moment to appreciate the beauties among fruits called Litchi. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover and Litchis are proof. They may look all rough outside but … Read more