Ice-Gola – Must-Try Stalls In Mumbai to Beat Summer Heat


Each one of us craves for the tempting colorful ice-candy. It is popularly known as ice-gola in India. It is typically a summer delight. Howbeit, people of all age-groups enjoy this cool dish in a hot and humid climate of Mumbai city. Ice-gola is nothing but a ball of crushed ice dipped in flavored sherbets. Sometimes, … Read more

7 Healthy Summer Drinks to Quench Your Thirst the Right Way!

Come summer and all you can think of is drinking more fluids. Your thirst levels rise up every now and then. While it is best to quench your thirst with water, sometimes we look for alternatives. The easiest alternatives are aerated and fizzy drinks that do more harm than good. But quenching your thirst the … Read more

7 Things We Used To Love About The Summer Season In Childhood

summer season

Summers, of course, reminds us of the horrible heat of the sun that we need to bear for about 3 to 4 months. We have learned to manage the summers with the sunscreen lotions, tan removals, refrigerators and air conditioners, but still, summers are a lot to worry about especially in India. But there are … Read more

Men, you can flaunt those shorts too!

air travel-shorts

Yes, why should girls always look so fashionable and show off their legs wearing those hot shorts or soldier shorts? Well, all men there – It is the 21st century and entombing your legs in denim all summer is unnecessary and uncomfortable. Here are a few ideas to wear shorts this summer and make them … Read more

Some adorable Maxis for this Summer

Maxi wears, as we all know, are not only most comfortable, flattering and forgiving items of clothing to wear during summer, but they are also surprisingly versatile too. This summer you can wear your heart out–different types and styles Maxis. Check out, we bring you few of them for YOU! Spring Break Try something very … Read more