Explore the grandeur and elegance of Udaipur: The city of lakes


Udaipur is famous for its rich culture and heritage, the immense grandeur and glory makes it apt for the title “Venice of East” My 10- day trip of Rajasthan was just an awesome experience for  me. I saw the desert life in Bikaner and Jaisalmer, rocky Jodhpur and the  mountainous  Kumbhalgarh, but my arrival in … Read more

5 Best Airbnb rentals in India you absolutely need to rent soon!


The best part about travelling today is the wide variety of accommodation options that we have! One of the best options we have today is Airbnb. Whether it is a single room or a luxurious palace, you have many options to choose when you travel. When it comes to staying in places that are not … Read more

Destination Langkawi: Simple Delights on an Island Paradise

Langkawi Island

“The Jewel of Kedah” as it is popularly called by the locals. Lush green rainforests, waterfalls, bizarre rock formations, the soft cotton like low lying clouds, surrounded by a warm pristine clear sea with white sandy beaches, smooth roads and the dense forests by the roadside is Langkawi for you! It is pure bliss for … Read more

Best Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Love Traveling

instagram accounts

Travelling is a such a great experience that it cannot be fulfilled without sharing the experiences with the world with pride. Not everyone who loves travelling gets the chance the travel every part of the world, in that case, the internet is full of useful stuff that allows them to witness the beauty of the … Read more

Travel With Kids Happily – Here Are Some Useful Flight Tips For Parents

travel with kids

Travelling can be fun and enjoyable while we are single and even get to experience some new things when we are a couple, but traveling while we are parents can be a little bit tough as we will have our kids as responsibility. But considering this as a reason, we cannot just avoid traveling, and … Read more

10 Best Dives: Scuba Diving Destinations That Will Thrill You

scuba diving love

Many of us have itchy feet and we always want to keep wandering to different places. How do you select your next travel destination? Keep your finger at any place on the globe and you’ll find something interesting and exciting to visit that piece of land or water. If you love adventures traveling solo may … Read more