10 Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know To Make Life Easy

beauty hacks

We all want to look beautiful and flawless on every occasion. Even in the day to day life, we want to look perfect. The desire is quite common but keeping up with it is not very much simple but can be achieved if you put some efforts. Here are a few simple beauty hacks that … Read more

Dowry System Is Never Going To Die In The Indian Society. Why?

dowry system

It will be 7 lakhs for an engineer and about 10 lakhs for a Chartered Accountant. You think I am saying the amount that would cost to become an engineer and CA? You are wrong. These are the rates of the engineer and CA grooms in the dowry market. If the groom is into civil … Read more

India Gets Gold Medal In Weightlifting After Almost 22 Years – Mirabai Chanu Won It

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Karanam Malleswari was the first women to win a medal in weightlifting for India and that was back in 1995. And India hasn’t got any medal in this sport since the past two decades. Here comes the girl from Manipur to make India proud again by winning the gold medal in weightlifting for India. And she … Read more

Gentlemans Code – Charm Your Lady the Gentlemans Way!

Though she is independent, confident and extremely self-reliant these days, showing her your chivalrous side now and again will not only impress her but definitely earn you those extra brownie points. So as you dutifully abide by the etiquettes passed down by generations and try to sweep her off the feet, wouldn’t you like to … Read more

8 Incredible Updo Hairstyling Ideas For Short Hair – Get Inspired

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Hairstyling options for short hair are quite limited. While the long tresses can be decked up in various glamorous braids and buns, short hair has a narrow repertoire of looks. Leaving your short hair open and parted is a not so cool idea every time. All you women out there with short locks are looking … Read more