Taruna Aswani

Taruna Aswani, a physiology student living in US, was being cyber bullied by an unknown person who claimed to have her nudes and was threatening her to release them in public. She decided to give a befitting reply and she responded in the most exemplary manner ever.

Here’s what happened and how Taruna handled the situation –

First she received this email.

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This was followed by another one.

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Both emails contained attachments of her naked pictures, which she had sent to her boyfriend.

After a lot of thinking, Taruna decided to take the help of social media. She wrote this courageous post which stormed everyone around.

tarunaMost of the people except few narrow minded people admired her courage in the form of likes and comments. In an interview with CNN News 18, Taruna revealed that her parents, friends and boyfriend wholeheartedly supported her.

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Her boyfriend, Stas Estko, a Polish national, working in India for the past seven years, was reported saying “There are many people in India who are conservative and are judging Taruna negatively. But these people must understand that sending such pictures to your partner is neither uncommon nor unnatural. It is an act between two consenting adults whose privacy must be respected instead of their moralities being questioned.”

Taruna has sought help from detective agencies in US and also from FBI and Maryland police. She has revealed that the investigators have still not achieved any strong lead in the case.

It is not easy to deal with cyber bullying. Hats off to Taruna Asvani who did something that many people couldn’t do. She made a brave choice of not being intimidated by her harasser and set an example for every woman.

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