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The style and look of tattoo trends have been changing every year. As this year is coming to end we bring some fabulous tattoo trends that were at the top of the list. A tattoo is a fashion icon and it’s an amazing form of body art perfect for self-expression. Every tattoo implies a peculiar meaning that’s significant to the wearer. Tattoo inspirations can come from celebrity styles or from reading our post today. From watercolor tattoos to complex photorealistic tattoos all of them have their own magical artsy look. These 7 tattoo styles were trending huge this year and you can guess which of this will continue to remain in the list in 2018 too. The soft lines, complex designs, minimalistic vibes and colorful dash is all you’ll find in the tattoo designs.

Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos were amongst the top tattoo trends this year and we aren’t seeing them going anywhere. If you are looking to experiment with colors in the tattoo design watercolor effects are the best options. There are bold, refreshing and trendy too.

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Teeny Tattoo Ideas

The previous year tiny finger tattoos had taken over the fashion industry in style. This year we see those teeny icons taking trip to other body parts like foot, ankle, wrist, waist and neck. Tiny tats are perfect for first timers.

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Semicolon Tattoo Ideas

Semicolon tattoos are a symbol of continuity. It represents your complete strength and power and that you can overcome any obstacle in life. There are many ways you can sport this catchy design – be it small and simple or combined with any other motif. The butterfly semicolon tat symbolizes transformation as a part of life’s struggle and achievements.

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Bold Hip Tattoos

The hip tattoos are blowing up the tattoo industry at the moment. This placement idea gives a bold fashion aura to the wearer. Hip tattoos are ideal for those who want to show off their inks while wearing the right shorts or bikini!

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Colorful Botanical Tattoos

Botanical tattoos are on the constant rise as the years come by. The craze for these colorful refreshments is gonna get even bigger in 2018. You can go big or minimalist – the choice is yours. Choosing from the hundreds of species of flowers may not be an easy task though!

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Geometric Designs

Geometric designs may be intricate or simple when you consider tattooing them. They are interesting pieces of artwork that amazes everyone. Geometric tattoos are up-to-date inks that are trending because of their intricacy and aesthetic beauty.

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Cyborg Tattoo Artworks

Men are currently obsessed with the robotic ripped skin tattoo designs. With the advancement in technology and the availability of various stencil printers tattooists make some really cool cyborg tattoos.

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As we mentioned earlier, tattooing techniques have been improving at large currently. Tattoo artists are becoming more creative and precise with the use of these advanced stencils to create amazing photorealistic tattoo images. These designs turn your body in real piece of art!

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You can wear any of these styles or you may choose something out of the box too. All you need is a boost of confidence and stylish attitude. Make tattoos your personality trait and share a baronial fashion statement.

Pep up your looks with these awesome tattoo trends of 2017.

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