The 14 Year Old CEO…

Taylor R

Have you ever thought about having your own 30 billion dollars?

Well, I know you must be thinking that this article is again something like those other absurd ones, but it is not. Trust me on this, the news is from New York, Alabama where a child named Taylor Rosenthal who is 14 years of age has turned down the offer of whopping $30 million dollars.







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Taylor is a proud owner of the startup which is registered as RecMed. The company which was founded by him in the year 2015 launched his company with the unique invention which has a bright idea behind it. He invented a vending machine which dispenses first aid kits.

Taylor was offered a deal of $30 million dollars from a health care company for his unique idea and invention, which he turned down saying that he has a plan for the better future of the company and the invention for the fulfillment of its soul objective.

When asked about the objective of the invention, he told, “Every time I’d travel for a baseball tournament in Alabama, I’d notice that kids would get hurt and parents couldn’t find a band-aid. I wanted to solve that, Rosenthal told ‘CNN Money’.”






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Taylor Rosenthal has already raised $100,000 dollar in angel investments and plans to sell the machines for $5,500 dollar each. The machines will sell prepackaged first aid kits and individual supplies like plasters, rubber gloves and gauze pads costing between $4 and $11.

He said, “He was open to advertising on the machines and hopes to deliver them to amusement parks, beaches and stadiums over the summer”. Six Flags theme park in the US has already put in an order for 100 machines. Rosenthal initially pitched the idea of first aid pop-ups as part of a school project but then changed it to vending machines. A few months later, the young CEO had his own patent.



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