Shweta Chitrode – Founder & Editor-in Chief


Backed up with a B.Pharm degree and an MBA, She is been a path-breaker. From being a HR person to a medical writer, she did a complete 360 degree turn to become the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Stylewhack. Since then, there has been no looking back for her. Watch her column for trendy fashion tips, food review, costume jewelry, home décor and various other creative ideas. She loves to travel and explore world to quench her wanderlust! 

Srilaxmi – Creative Writer


She is a dynamic person with many feathers in her hat. Along with her Professional education in Media, she is involved with many creative activities. She has a kool sense of fashion and latest trends.

Pradnya Vernekar – Executive Editor


She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called 'life'.

Priyanka – Fashion & Beauty Blogger

She is an inborn artist full of creativity and has an adroit for suggesting poses for individual/couple photography and loves to try them on herself. Latest in beauty, fashion and trends drives her crazy. She is passionate about travelling, trekking, cooking and loves being a food critic in her circle. A dabbler in the field of writing but has successfully attracted people by writing personalized memories for friends and family upon request.
She believes that Laughing in odd times makes the dark hours of life – a bit easier.

Prita Yadav – Guest Contributor


Prita is extremely passionate about sports, and has been playing hockey at the state level. She enjoys playing all outdoor sports and watching romantic movies during leisure time. She  is a fitness freak and was also the Brand Ambassador for TCS Fitness. Finding her new passion in writing, she has recently published her book KLASS – A man is lifeless without a passion in his life!

Rino – Creative Writer


Though tinkering with software codes earns her bread and butter; that may not be the best thing Rino can do! And as her mind wanders of now and again to seek her inner-calling, penning down her bizarre yet satirically honest thoughts seem to get her on a new high! Like everyone else she too is passionate about a zillion other things, from fashion to food to literature to cinema; but making a memory in every part of the globe figures on top of her wish-list. However for now, here she is trying to conjure up new posts with a dash of bling; hoping it would be all worth your time 🙂

Smita – Creative Writer


Being an engineer by profession she realized coding and debugging is not the only thing she likes. Writing became her ardor and here she is pouring down her minds pandemonium and hoping it interests other as much it does for herself. An emotional person from heart and love from her beloved ones is her strength! She is passionate about travelling and this is what she is found doing when not writing. Fashion and home décor interests her and she loves experimenting with the latest trends. ‘Celebrate yourself’ is her catchphrase!

Preetesh Mishra – Guest Contributor

Preetesh is a pharmacist by education and a writer by imagination!! He is author of book “Connected. By You. For You”. Shayaris, songs and cricket are the things he loves to be with. He strongly believes- Life never repeats itself, so stop leaving and start living the moments within. Stay tuned for his shayaris and short stories!

Anand – Meticulous Newsman

He has a nose for news and an eye for detail. He scouts for the most happening news of the week and digs out the most interesting/useful events for you.
In this weekly capsule, he gives you an insight into the much-talked about topic and tells you why does it matter to you! Happy reading!

Pranjali – Food Blogger


Winner of food blogger awards 2015, Pranjali is an avid writer who likes to pen down most things that catch her fancy.  When she is not crunching numbers as a banker, she is busy doing a food review or freelancing as a feature writer.

Juilee Desai – Creative Scribbler

Juilee is MBA by education, entrepreneur by marriage, cake designer in her past, accountant by profession and a blogger by passion. Mommy to an adorable 2 year old devil, Juilee is trying to simplify life and trying to appreciate the beautiful nuances of life.

Sanjana Lokur – Creative Writer


Poet, writer and animal lover – The way she is been made! She is a big believer in the goodness of people, and save a little bit of it for herself. Either cooking, reading, or binge-watching TV shows when she is not procrastinating. A deep love of travelling and languages runs in her blood, and saving this big ol' blue planet tops her bucket list.
Basically an independent introvert and loves the company of the extroverts surrounded by her!

Deep Sachdev – Creative Writer

Deep is a Journalist who loves a good debate. Reading political stories is his area of interest. He seeks amusement by watching standup comedy and sitcoms. Deep is intensely passionate about sports, especially FOOTBALL. Food inspires him to travel places. When it comes to writing he takes his own time waiting for inspiration, though his mother calls itprocrastination!



Akhil – Creative Writer

He is a huge cricket fan. He loves Bollywood and is greatly inspired by sports movies. He loves reading motivational novels. He doesn't believe in giving up on any aspect of his life. A big foodie who loves street food. He loves exploring places.

Isha Adlakha – Creative Writer

She loves gossips and masala. A fan of Bollywood and follows what’s new and trendy. Loves reading poetries. Cat lover. She is an optimist and believes in not giving up no matter what life throws on her. She is Daddy’s favorite. A big foodie. Loves trying new things and doesn’t want satisfaction in work life because according to her satisfaction stops one from trying something that is fun and different.

Nivedita Dravid – Creative Writer

By profession she is a stylist with a natural flair for fashion and a keen understanding of seasonal trends. But, by instinct she is also a regional food enthusiast and a passionate dancer. She is a Fashion, Food & Lifestyle blogger who loves Bharatanatyam, spicy food and all things green!

Satyapriya Buddhavarapu – Creative Writer

A feminist by thoughts. She would love to have discussions about anything. Always ready to take up new challenges that comes her way. With a Masters degree in Commerce, she is into blogging and is thoroughly enjoying it. As a foodie, she would love taste various foods. She loves to watch food and travel shows.