#Techtalk Meet Angad Daryani who made India’s first 3D Printer

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While most students of 9th grade worry about exams, Angad Daryani quit school in grade 9. If you’re thinking that he was just a lazy boy who wasn’t good at studying, you’re wrong. If you’re thinking that he quit school so he could sleep all day and play every game he likes, again, you’re wrong. Angad quit school to pursue his passion for ‘making’. He calls himself a maker. Hailing from Mumbai, this boy is no ordinary one.

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Angad is the brain behind India’s first ever 3D printer that is also not very expensive. He started two companies- Sharkits and Sharkbot. While Sharkits makes low cost maker kits, Sharkbot makes 3D printers that last long and can be produced for not more than Rs. 20,000. This is much cheaper than the ones available abroad. If you have been wondering how this boy who quit school could come up with such a product, here’s how. Angad wasn’t one who would sit at home and dream. Instead he spent all his time during home schooling learning maths, science, improving his English skills etc. He never wasted his time and underwent open schooling because he felt that normal SSC schools only facilitated rote learning which killed his passion to try new things.


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And let’s tell you that this 3D printer isn’t the only thing that Angad is known for. He wanted to use technology for the social good and that’s when he as a part of a team, built an eye-pad or a Haptic Feedback E-reader for the Visually Impaired. This eye-pad converts Roman text into Braille so it is easy for the blind to read. Angad’s team built this product with Ramesh Raskar and Anna Young of MIT’s Media Lab. In another collaboration with MIT, he also built a wearable low-cost ECG monitor.

(The eye-pad that converts Roman text into Braille)


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And this is not all. This young genius also boasts of having made a miniature solar-powered boat and created an automatic watering system for easier management of garden plants. These are proof enough that Angad is a born intellectual. But unlike most others, Angad wants to create new products for the benefit of people, rich and poor. Currently pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, Angad Daryani is surely someone to watch out for!

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