Temptation By Vanesa – The Fragrance Which Defines Your Persona

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When it comes to selecting a gift for the lady of your life, one of the easiest last-minute picks is a signature perfume. Fragrance for women should be sensual, feminine and floral. Be it your anniversary or her birthday she will surely appreciate the fresh aromatic experience. Vanesa has introduces a series of new fragrances named “Temptation”. The Temptation series of Eau De Parfums by Vanesa have an added floral burst to its scent. The three fragrances are named as Temptation Sassy, Temptation Grace and Temptation Vogue. All these are elegant fragrances that are worth falling in love for. The perfume series Temptation personifies the essence of millennial women.

Here is our honest review for the Temptation by Vanesa fragrances:

Brand Name: Vanesa – Temptation

Product: Temptation Sassy, Temptation Grace and Temptation Vogue

Packaging: Comes in glass spray bottle with a cute bow cap.

Price: 30ml – ₹145

You can shop for Temptation Grace at just ₹139 if you stay in India here.

Method of use: Spray perfume as required and experience its magical burst of floral fragrances.

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  • All three fragrances are fresh, floral burst that adds to the extraordinary aroma.
  • High in spirit, trendy and elegant aromas will refresh your mood.
  • Temptation Sassy is a scent of top notes that will leave you in high spirits and is perfect to pair with the evening wear.
  • Temptation Grace invites you to experience the elegant dose of orange, lily, tagetes, patchouli and musk transforming your mood instantly.
  • Temptation Vogue is a trendy scent with a floral and fruity burst of mild notes.
  • The musky touch to the fragrances blends strongly and graciously with you personality.


  • Refreshing fragrances that elevates your mood.
  • Long lasting aroma that keeps you fresh and enthusiastic.
  • Perfect choice of gift for the women of your life.
  • The Temptation perfume range is affordably priced.
  • It is ideal for daily use.
  • It’s easily available on various online portals and leading departmental stores.

My Verdict

Perfect FRAGRANCE for every occasion! It is best for gifting as well!


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Let your girl stand out in the crowd with your favorite Temptation scent.

Try them all and let us know which one is your favorite.

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