The 52 weeks of Adventure: Week 12 – The New Dawning Sun


I cannot believe it is 12 weeks already and I am still on this beautiful journey learning something new each week. It is mentally invigorating and makes me thank God everyday for letting me grow each day amidst all the chaos in life!

This week was surreal. I have always been allured by the nature! It takes my breath away to see such varied colors, diverse organisms, assorted plants and flowers and mind boggling landscapes. With the unlimited options to explore the nature, it was a tough call as to where to begin the adventure. However, after a lot of pondering we had a winner for this week – watching the sunrise at the Fort Lauderdale Beach!

Since we were going to experience this event it was but expected to wake up early on a Sunday morning. Did your face just cringe on reading this? So did mine. Sunday mornings are supposed to be spent lying in bed till 9 am and then lazily watch television. Had I not taken up this adventure trip, I would have definitely passed on watching the sunrise and would have chosen my bed and sleep instead. So yes, I forwent my dear sleep and woke up at 5.30 am to catch this beautiful sight.

When we reached the beach, there was a slight hint of pink tinge in the sky from where the sun was expected to rise. It was a little dark around, but birds were circling in the air above the sea.

SkylineWe waited for 15 more minutes and slowly we saw the hint of the sun peeping from the below and mesmerizing us with its hues and light! It was a tiny dot emerging through nowhere and steadily taking hold of the sky.


After this however, the sun rose like a comet and within seconds it was up already shining brightly. I never anticipated it to come up in such a jiffy as if it was in tremendous hurry to start off the day!




Within no time, the sun was up and shining. It was so surreal watching it come out from across the water. I got goose bumps at one point and wanted to capture this moment forever. The beauty that lies in nature is dreamlike and it always touches a chord within me.


Looking at the rising sun, I opened my arms and accepted all its rays on me. I was overwhelmed with how nature selflessly keeps on ‘giving’ and ‘loving’ without expecting anything in return. I thanked God for all the abundance in my life and prayed to grant the same to everyone.

Just when we were about to leave, there was a trail of birds which flew in a line just above the water level epitomizing ‘freedom and unity’ to me. Freedom to fly wherever I want along with my loved ones!


I cannot thank God enough for giving me this opportunity to be in the nature and devour its simplest form of happiness.

Never once did the thought occur to me that I could have slept more instead of being here and experiencing this magical moment! 🙂

A special thanks to my husband, Sujoy Datta for capturing these beauties in his camera!


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