The Struggling Road till the Doorstep of Marathi Cinema – Akshay Waghmare’s Journey so far!


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Akshay Waghmare hails from the legendary performer Dada Kondke’s family tree and this would make you believe that getting into the Marathi film industry must have been so easy for Akshay. But the truth is that Akshay himself did not know that he came from this legacy till late and he has struggled every bit to get his first big cut in Marathi Cinema with the lead role of ‘Yuvraj’ in the upcoming movie ‘Youth –Badal Ghadvaychi Taakat’.


Let us take a look at all the highs and lows this rising star went through to get a chance of making his mark in the industry –

Childhood and Education

Akshay’s childhood was normal like any other middle class family. Never in his dreams did Akshay think that he will be an actor. He was a sportsman since childhood and did very well in school. After his 12th, he took admission for BCS as his father wanted him to join the IT sector.

During his BCS, Akshay worked for the marketing research giant AC Nielsen doing a door to door survey at a mere price of INR 5/- per form. This was all for pocket money and you can imagine how ordinary life Akshay led then. It was during this phase that he started gyming and participating in all cultural programs at his college. Amidst all the extra-curricular activities, Akshay failed in his first year but his determination did not deter.

akshay childhood

The Struggle

Akshay then tried his hands in modeling. He did everything possible in modeling for almost 3 years but with no luck winning any major pageants nor did any big modeling assignments came his way. Akshay was heartbroken and he told himself, ‘This is the last year I will give modeling a serious shot and if things don’t work out, I will quit’.

But destiny didn’t want Akshay to quit and that year he won all the pageants in Pune and Akshay is the only one who has accomplished this big feat of winning all the pageants in Pune in the same year.

Akshay ModelingThe Real Struggle

You might think that Akshay’s life was all set now and he got ready made entry into the film industry. You are wrong. Akshay’s parents were dead against him becoming an actor and kept on hemorrhaging him to take up something else. His dad even asked his friends to influence him to stay away from acting.

But Akshay was not to be derailed from his mission. He struggled for almost 8 years to get into the industry. But with no luck. He landed with a few very minimal roles in movies which paid him INR 300. There came a time when he had no money to come back to Pune from Mumbai and lived merely on groundnuts and water. Akshay himself is a proof that film industry struggle stories are real!

AkshayThe Rising Star

Akshay went for the audition for the role of an underprivileged village lad for the movie ‘Hou de Jara sa ushir’ where he was ridiculed and sent back saying he possessed the chocolate hero looks which do not fit for the current role. Akshay went back home, wore his dad’s loose trousers and shirt with old chappals and changed his hair style and came back to the audition.

The rest they say is history. He got selected in the movie which was one of the top 282 movies for the nomination in the Best Film Category at the Oscars.

The Defining Moment

After this movie though, Akshay was out of work for a long time. This was the phase when Akshay went into depression and was fighting a different battle altogether. He had completely given up and asked his father to help him get a job in the IT sector.

His father’s words spoken at that time are etched on Akshay’s mind even today, “You come from a great family tree who saw the birth and death of the legendary Dada Kondke. Acting is in your blood and you should not give it up now. You have the talent, just go and give your 100%”. It was this moment when Akshay came to know about his family legacy and stood up again.

Akshay Waghmare

And after 2-3 small roles, finally Akshay is in front of us with the big break as a lead role in the movie ‘Youth – Badal Ghadvhaychi Taakat’.

Nothing comes easy in life. Akshay is the perfect example to teach us – STRUGGLE, FIGHT and get what you want!

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