Oh so you haven’t watched the critically acclaimed ‘Angel’ song of Taher Shah, yet? Kyun ji, we will not deprive you of this great honour. But wait, we want to be good to you and let you know what’s in store for you. Here’s what a common man feels throughout this video.

Is this some kind of a virtual Bhajan mandli?

The song begins with a background score that could transport you to a satsang hall in no time!

Oh, there’s a woman in it!

Purple flowing gown. And wings. I wonder who the woman is!

Taher shah 2  Image Source

Wait, that’s a man? A MALE?

*Rubs eyes furiously* Is it Taher Shah?

Taher shah 1

Image Source

 What’s with those hand gestures?

Taher Shah has his hands somewhere between Shah Rukh’s signature hand movement and Sunny Deol’s knee breaking champion dance.Taher-shah-angel-  Image Source

Is this a tourism campaign for some VERY green land?

That green and his clothes will send me to the doctor tonight.Taher shah 3                                                          Image Source

What on earth is that white specimen?

Oh, so she is the angel? Yes? No? Please explain? Taher shah 4                                                            Image Source

Did I just see some blue fog?

SO MUCH SWAG. Taher shah 5                                                        Image Source

Oh WAIT, there’s a whole bunch of them?

Oh holy mother of god. There are people supporting this? Taher shah 5                                                          Image Source  

They just ruined that kid’s future!

Some years down the lane, this kid will be history’s favourite amusement. Taher shah 6                                                             Image Source

Is this some kind of a joke?

Purple. Blue. White. Hair and crown. Take me to hell no, Mr. Angel? Taher shah 7                                                        Image Source

I need treatment. Like, NOW! Taher shah crying-waterfalls                                                                Image Source 

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