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People are often the result of their surroundings as a child, which most of the times start from within their homes and families. And a lot of times we make the mistake of punishing our kids for their certain behaviours when we should actually punish ourselves for it.  So let’s take a step forward to know how children react to their parents’ behaviour and how we can improve ourselves to make this world a better place.

First and foremost:

#1: NEVER stop them from experimenting

You never know who’ll be the next Da Vinci, Einstein or Abraham Lincoln. And by stopping them from doing something, which you may find bizarre and senseless now, could turn out to be something really great. The creativity and capability to think out of the box is a lot more in children than in adults. So think twice before you say ‘No’ to them or make fun of their experiment next time.

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#2: Say NO to gender stereotypes

It is VERY important to treat all the genders equally, especially in front of your kids as they are the future. Never oppress or suppress any gender in front of them, nor take this issue lightly, otherwise they’ll never learn to raise their voice against gender equality and they themselves might indulge in the same as they’ll grow up thinking that that’s the way it is and that’s how it should be. So let’s stop these stereotypes now!

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#3: Never disrespect your parents

While disrespecting our parents and making them look inferior, we often forget that we are also going to get old one day and we wouldn’t want to get treated the same way. We cannot treat our parents bad and expect our children to return the love we gave them.

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#4:Comparison is a poison for your child

Every single time you compare your child with another, either you are losing him or he is losing himself. Every child is different and when you are comparing your child with another, your child is comparing you to another parent. So here, maybe we need to start the change from within.

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#5: Choose either your fights or your child.

These two never go hand in hand. No matter how old the kid is, he is going to get affected by the fights between his parents. Fights and arguments are a natural part of a relation and you cannot avoid them. But your domestic conflicts decide how your child is going to respond to little and normal things in life. Having a domestic conflict threatens the child’s emotional stability and increases the chances for him to show the symptoms of depression, aggression, anxiety which affects not only the behavior of the child but also the health in some cases.

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It is time to improve ourselves as individuals, as parents to raise a generation of smart and confident kids with a heart full of love and respect for one and all !

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