Tinder– A dating app which is no more considered as a dating app now. Rather, it has grasped a lot of attention due to funny profiles and bios that the users put. We all must have come across a plethora of tinder profiles that made us LOL! Well, if you haven’t then don’t wait to go through these profiles.

You have really got to see these and decide whether to choose between swiping right or left!

Have a look at some of these weird profiles!

Ohh! We are so in love with this guy!


Lol! Anushka would be so upset!


Turn for some “Guess who is who”!

I am in love with Manya. But, who is actually Manya?


Find Palak!


Now meet “Already married” Tinder users



Make way for some epic bios!

Wanted Adderall! Please let him know if you find Adderall!

Girls must think about him. Full on entertainment he must be!

Never seen an Ohh-so-possessive-about-myself-guy like him!

The guy has definitely got superb bribing skills!

Well, he knows how to set the romantic date night on fire!

Poor Sydney! She is damn hard working. Boys, please date her in order to sing that “wooooooh” part and help her release stress.

OMG! Where is he? Want to find him ASAP. Boy, you are aaah-mazing!

Too much fun on tinder! I am sure you must have decided to swipe right in order to add that entertainment factor to your life!

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