We were stumped when Shivaay trailer was out last month. Now the title track of Shivaay, #BoloHarHarHar dropped today morning and it is going to keep you hooked to the screens for sure.

Shivaay Title Song

Composed by Mithoon, and sung by Mohit Chauhan, Badshah, Sukhwinder Singh, Megha Sreeram Dalton, this track apparently took a really long time in the making. However the end results are just fabulous as the track takes us on a complete journey to the past present and the future with its hard hitting lyrics and mesmerizing beats. It is shot brilliantly and has a dark, yet positive feel to it. Just like the fight of good and evil. The song is available on Hotstar.

You can watch the title track here!

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The track has dancers moving to the song, in a mixture of Tandav and contemporary style. The video shows us a few glimpses of the film as well. If the movie has to be judged by its promotional song, it is definitely safe to say that it is going to be one of the biggest hits of the year. It’s common knowledge that Ajay Devgn puts his heart and soul into his films. And Shivaay being his dream project, one can definitely imagine how much efforts have gone into this track. Ajay Devgn’s keen eye to little details is evident from the fact that it took almost a year to make this title track!

Ajay Devgn tweeted about the release of the Shivaay title song

The song is an instant hit all around and people from all generations can relate to it. The Rap part by the artist Badshah is catchy and gives the listeners an incredible high. The song is clearly just promotional and is not going to be a part of the film, but it gives you a slice of what is coming. There are a lot of futuristic beats in the song, to keep the youngsters captivated. The lyrics are heavy but pierce you through the soul. The track tells you about the victory of good over evil. That is the message of the film too.

Wohi Shoonya Hai Wohi Ikaai

Jiske Bheetar Basa Shivaay!

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