Top 10 Reviews of CONNECTED. By You. For You.


A love novel with the heart touching characters, Aakash and Anika has connected well with lot many readers. The romance and the twist and turns in the story keep the readers engaged. The crisp love story book “CONNECTED. By You. For You.” is Top seller at notionpress. This mesmerizing love story written by Mr. Preetesh depicts the zeal of love and passion.  Here are some phenomenal reviews about the book “CONNECTED. By You. For You.”

Remarkable 10 Reviews of “CONNECTED. By You. For You.”


“For all those who seek love, let the heart and brain work in symphony! The book is amazingly written and truly depicts the situation that we all have been through at least once in our life, when we actually fell for the ONE! Overall the characters are well portrayed and the journey from friends to lovers and all the craziness that is a deal of the package has been written marvelously! An enchanting piece of work! Loved it!!”

-Prerna Mistry, Company Owner at Edu – Pharma




“I am not a voracious reader. But take my word, this book will keep you engaged. The twists and turns are lovely. A subtle sense of humor, some touchy stuff, some lovely one liners, and few important messages. All in all worth reading…Great work Mr. Preetesh Mishra”

– Rahul Majithia, Asst. Manager, Unichem Laboratories.


“I must congratulate you on your first publication. It is a great book & a great gift to those who have brought it. The story in the book is really well weaved & the ending of the book was really full of surprises. I wish that book breaks all record of sales & you will soon have a much larger audience for your work. My best wishes for your future endeavors…!!!”

– Pallavi R. More, Housewife




“Amazing book with loads of twists and turns. Anika is a wonderful character that all girls will co-relate to. She is brave and does the right thing when it comes to the matters of heart. A good work Preetesh! Well done! It is truly worth connecting !!!”

Sadaf Memon, Employed at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.


“Congrats on your 1st book!!! It was worth reading. The idea of ‘Connectors’ in a mainstream story was very good!!! Some of the parts/conversations had such a good grip. Especially the suspense climax!!! Being the 1st book…it’s awesome. Congrats and all the very best!!!”

– Abna Sreedhar, Student, St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research.




“This is an awesome book which kept me connected all the time. I especially loved Preetesh’s sense of humor and those biological terms which actually defined the connection between the organs of the body. I loved the character Aakash in it. A positive happy go lucky character. A nice inspiration as well”

– Nachiket Yelmeli, Employed with TCS.


“Great love story with unexpected twists and turns to keep you glued to the book. In spite of my busy schedule, I was always looking for time to read it! Was refreshing and tugged at the heart at the same time!”

-Dr. Venugopal Ramineni, M.S. Ortho




“Connected. By You. For You. is a true piece of innocence and true love. The best part is the end. I wish everyone has such an ending in their love story. I would love to read more of your books, eagerly waiting in fact. Keep writing and inspiring us. All the very best for the success of your book”

-Neha Upadhyay, Employed with Hotel Marine Plaza


“To start with I congratulate you on your work because you have successfully connected the readers with the love that surrounds Aakash and Anika. At times your words have let tears of pain and stress roll down the cheeks and there are moments you can’t escape blushing and smiling. It was a pleasure reading your book and will surely look forward to next set of emotions penned down by you. All the very best!!”

– Dr. Sakina Shyamwala, B.H.M.S



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connect each and every soul reading it. Kwench Library rated this book- 4/5 as on 16thMarch, 2016. Read more reviews related to this amazing love story “CONNECTED. By You. For You.”.

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