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While everyone is looking at getting their passport stamped, all of us forget about the treasure our country has to offer. So it’s high time we pack our bags and experience the beauty of our country by travelling across some of the best tourist locations in India. To know our heritage and culture better packed with a little adventure, these trips are highly recommended by the Stylewhack team!

Here, we present before you the 7 places you must travel in India to witness our rich heritage and culture-

  1. Konark, Odisha

Konark Temple
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Konark is better known by the Sun Temple located there and people from across the world come in good numbers to visit the temple. December also marks the hosting of annual dance festival here, popularly known as Konark Dance Festival. The classical culture of art and dance can be witnessed and it is also beautifully portrayed by the temples situated in Konark. Also, if you are planning a trip in Konark, you just can’t afford to miss the offbeat Konark Beach.

  1. Ranthambore, Rajasthan

Ranthambore Rajasthan
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Ranthambore is considered as one of the best Tiger reserves in India. Apart from Tigers, one can witness many other animals living there like wild cats, leopards, Indian foxes, crocodiles and much more. So, if you want to have an adventurous experience, Ranthambore situated in Rajasthan amidst Vindhya and Aravalli is the best place.

  1. Auli, Uttarakhand

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For all those who want to chill out, Auli is the best place to have a wonderful trip full of great skiing experiences. Auli is considered as one of the best skiing destinations of India. Being blessed with great views of the splendid mountain ranges of Himalayas, Auli send thrills among the people who are visiting for the first time there. It is a must visit place especially for all those who love skiing as there is no better place for it than this. 

  1. Kutch, Gujarat

Kutch Gujarat
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Kutch is a district of Gujarat. A large part of the district is known as Rann of Kutch. The December in Kutch marks the hosting of Rann Mahotsav which transforms Kutch into a platform celebrating art, culture and festivity. One must visit this gorgeous place in December to witness a wonderful experience which could be cherished for a long time.

  1. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
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Lucknow is one of the most historically significant city of India. There are many reasons that can be found to visit Lucknow. The Nawabi culture, the Heritage places, the cultural effect, scrumptious food and also shopping spots – all invite us for spending some quality time here. 

  1. Gangtok

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Gangtok is the capital and largest town of Sikkim. The most popular meaning of Gangtok is “Hill Top”. Great things can be learned and seen in Gangtok as it is considered as the centre of Buddhist learning and culture. The sikkimese are known to be very hospitable, momos here are to die for and the cultural experiences here would ensure a trip one could never forget. 

  1. Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

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Dharamshala is undoubtedly among the most stunning locations to visit in India. It is a city of Himachal Pradesh surrounded by Cedar forests on the edge of Himalayas. It is considered by some as heavenly destination for spending some quality time. The Tibetan community dominates the town and one could get a good experience of Tibetan culture and traditions. So don’t wait and rush to Dharamshala for spending some great time and witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of Dharamshala.

What are you waiting for? Plan a trip to these wonderful locations and get thrilled by the variety in culture. A trip to these locations would be an unforgettable experience which one would cherish for lifetime. These places portray the beauty that India has in store and can be unleashed by the people visiting there.

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