5 Best Travel Spots In World To Celebrate New Years Eve

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Every year we all celebrate New Years Eve in a special way. Its that day of the year when we tap to jazzy numbers, enjoy with family and friends, and make the festive mood the most memorable. But have you selected the destination where you would like to be when the clock strikes 12 on December 31st? We have picked up some beautiful destinations from around the world for the New Year’s Celebration! The fun doesn’t stop at night, many cities organize day activities that make your trip exciting and frolic. All night dance parties, epic fireworks, cultural activities, food and drinks – these and much more you’ll find in these travel spots to celebrate the New Year.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the biggest party town of the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The four mile long strip is opened for partying for the people who wish to celebrate by dancing, drinking, mingling and watching the epic fireworks. Special shows and activities are held in most hotels clubs and bars. Enjoy the night at Las Vegas to your best!

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Rio de Janerio, Brazil

The iconic Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro is the world’s largest New Years Eve party. It’s wilderness at its best with people streaming in from different parts of the world. The unique Brazilian celebration called Réveillon is a blend of traditional, religious and superstitious beliefs. The celebration starts with offerings to the Goddess of the sea, Yemanjá, followed by colourful firework display and musical concerts.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

The annual festivities in New Year last for 3 days in Edinburgh called the Hogmanay a celebration. December 30th the celebration starts with a torch light procession throughout the city with a firework finale and a New Year’s Eve is celebrated with outdoor concerts and massive street parties. Various activities conducted next day include diving in the freezing cold waters of River Forth, a run down the Royal Mile, the dog- sledding competition, and the Loony Dook Parade. Go ahead and enjoy.

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Vienna, Austria

Vienna celebrates the New Year in a more cultured way. You will definitely enjoy your visit to this beautiful city where New Years Eve is celebrated with a variety of musical concerts dignified balls and some of the best symphonies of the world. The following day you can enjoy with your family a delightful champagne brunch.

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South Lake Tahoe, California

New Year celebration is a rocking event across the globe. The South Lake Tahoe in California, celebrates this evening in a unique way with a Snow Globe Music Festival. It is a great place to witness the best mix of EDM artists around the world. There is something exciting and more to the celebration as the event offers the attendees lift tickets to spend the entire day skiing. Isn’t it thrilling enough?

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Take a break from your mundane tasks and get involved with some thrill and fun with your loved ones. Escape and explore the plethora of beautiful destinations around the world for the New Year partying.

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